April 29, 2009

vacation: day 2

wish i could say i've done something super exciting and fabulous, but i really haven't. i have just been concentrating on getting all our earthly belongings out of our apartment, and moved over to the house. our lease is officially up tomorrow. i will miss our little apartment, or "hotel suite", as bill would call it. it was our first "home" as a couple, and it made a quite nice one to say the least. however, i love our new house, and i am very excited about making it our home!

okay...so lets talk about this swine flu thing. the first person in the US to die from the "pandemic" was in texas. for anyone geologically challenged, texas is THE border state to Mexico, or as they like to call it, "ground zero" of the disease. I'm watching the news as i type and they are telling me that whole school districts are closing down for up to 3 weeks as a precaution to this. i wasn't really that concerned about this, since it hasn't affected that many people yet. but now i'm getting a little worried. i mean, if these mexican people start coming to my state to get help or, just trying to sneak across the border to get away from it, then how am i safe? should i be wearing a mask? ugh...now i'm freaking out! where did i put my hand sanitizer?

so, when bill and i moved into our house, it came with a present. baby birds! the previous owner left a bird house in our back yard, and it has 2 baby birds in it. as much as i love mother nature, these things chirp ALL DAY LONG! its pretty amazing though, the mama comes and goes all day long bringing them food. so sweet. but, i'm ready for them to grow up already, so i can move the bird house a little farther from my window. until then, we stay inside, don't want to scare the mama away. my back yard is pretty much an aviary!

looking forward to vacay day 3!

Here's a pic from our anniversary!

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