October 27, 2009

the best part of waking up...

so, i don't really drink coffee, that is, unless it has tons of flavored creamer and sugar in it. and then, is it really considered coffee? for Christmas last year, my mom got bill and i a Keurig one cup coffee maker. its probably the coolest thing since sliced bread. bill loves coffee, and i don't, so we don't waste a whole pot of coffee on one person. you put these little single serving cups, called K-cups, into the machine and it makes a single cup of coffee for ya. the best part is, these k-kups come in many flavors and types. coffee, tea, iced tea, espresso, latte, whatever your little coffee loving heart desires.

today, while browsing the aisles at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (B3), i found the display of these wonderful k-cups. NEW FLAVORS!!! i hit the jackpot! there is something about the season changing and just really craving pumpkiny, spiced, flavors. and of course hot chocolate. nothing like a hot cup of liquidy goodness to warm your goozle (family word meaning soul, belly, or the like). so, today i found pumpkin spice, DARK hot chocolate, and chai latte k-cups!

as soon as i got home i made me a nice hot cup of the chai latte. heaven. i might have to go back to B3 and stock up. actually, i think i'm gonna go make some hot chocolate...

aren't my coffee cups cute!? there are 6 different colors. they make me happy.

October 25, 2009

Brittany's Wedding

This weekend I had a successful 24 hour trip to Little Rock. Working in retail, and for a football team, doesn't allow for much time off during season. Luckily, and thankfully, my boss let me go on one condition... that I fly out after work Friday, and am back in the store Sunday. It was a quick, and by quick I mean lightning speed, but it was fun. I got to see one of my oldest friends get married, and it was such a sweet wedding. Britt's husband, Josh, is a firefighter in Hot Springs, so he and all his groomsmen, who are also firefighters, wore their firefighter suits with the patches and gold buttons. They all looked so handsome! This made every mom cry! No lie, when they walked into the church during the ceremony, I looked back at my mom and all her friends sitting together and every single one had Kleenex! LOL! My mom cried more at this wedding than she did at mine! What the heck? Anyways... It was a great wedding, and I am so happy for Britt!

I also got to see my besties, which made me happy. We hung out until 3am Friday night. I could have stayed up all night! I hate that I don't get to see them all the time, but it makes what little time we do get to see each other that much sweeter. Here are some pics from the weekend.

All the girls with the bride at the reception.

Me and the beautiful bride!

Britt and Josh at the rehearsal dinner.

Bridal Party at the rehearsal dinner.
Bill didn't make the trip with me to LR, because he was in Vegas for the Jan-Pro National yearly meeting. I'm sorta jealous because I have never been to Vegas and really want to go. Everyone needs to go to Vegas at least once, right? They (my dad and Bill) had a good time. The DFW master franchise won the Bronze award for (I'll probably get this wrong) growth in sales. Something like that. This is the second year they have won the award, so that is great!
The Boys won today! That is happy. We didn't go to the game, since I had to work, but man we missed a good one. We've got another home game next week, then its NOVEMBER!!! Can you believe it? Its only 4 weeks until Thanksgiving, and then its Holiday season for us, and that means craziness! Bring it on...

October 18, 2009

happy fall

Well, tomorrow Bill and I will celebrate a year and a half of marital bliss. We have never been the couple that celebrates every month anniversary, but I do like to acknowledge half anniversaries. So instead of spending lots of money going out for a fancy dinner and a movie, or the like, we decided to explore this wonderful town of ours, and took a trip to the Dallas Arboretum. It was a beautiful day. Before this week, we had only one day of sun the whole month of October, so it was nice to get out and enjoy this beautiful fall weather.

Lots of others had the same idea as us today, it was pretty packed. Lots of people taking professional pictures and such. It kinda distorted its beauty, but all in all, we had a wonderful time together. Next time, I want to go on a weekday and bring a picnic lunch, and just sit and enjoy my surroundings. I'll keep that on my list of things to do when I'm not super busy...

Well, here are some pics we took today of our fun, fall outing.

Happy Fall, Yall!

October 16, 2009

I'm getting good at this

So, strolling thru target right now. I spotted this cute little
cupcake stand. Don't I need this?

October 14, 2009

in addition to...

so, i thought of a couple more things that i could add to my Christmas list. This list is really mostly a reminder to myself of things I could ask for for Christmas or birthday. Because, most of the time when people ask me I can't ever think of anything, when really there are things that I would enjoy. So here it goes...

Anthropologie is another one of my favorite stores for several reasons. If you are wanting something different, maybe a little eclectic, this is your store. You know when you purchase something there, not everyone in North Texas will be wearing it. They have the cutest things for your home. You can get the best gifts there. One of the biggest reasons I love Anthropologie is there window displays and visual merchandising. It would be so fun to work there! Anyways, there things are a little pricey, so you definiately can't go in come out with a new fall wardrobe. But I could spend hours in there just looking at it all.

Funny story and side note. When Bill asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told him several things, one of which was a gift card to Anthro. Well, Bill being Bill, and just a man in general, didn't know where to find the Anthro store. I even gave him specific instructions, because he isn't very sneeky when it comes to buying gifts. Well, I never got the GC and he just gave me cash to go buy whatever I wanted there. Ha! Boys...

Alright, so I've been waiting for us to get settled in a home before I went and purchased one of these. My mom has one, that my step sister got for her, and I love them. Its a personalized return address stamp. I like the ones that are round and have either one initial or monogram in the middle with the address circling around the outside. Lots of websites have them and I've seen them at stationary or invitation stores.

k. thats it for now.

October 12, 2009

christmas list

what? it's only 11 weeks away...

here are a few things that have been on my mind lately:

J.Crew has always been a favorite of mine. I am lucky enough to own a few pieces, but mostly its a little expensive so I just covet most things. My day gets brighter whenever a catalog comes in the mail. I love their styling. What a dream job that would be? To style the J.Crew catalog. Now that I live in a city where there are actual J.Crew stores to shop in, its even more tempting to just drop in and browse all the lovely things. There style is classic and timeless, and that is exactly what I love. So, really anything from J.Crew is awesome! Ok. Here's a fun one. I've heard from a few people that have done these Viking cooking classes at the Viking Cooking School. Well, I did some research and there is one here in Dallas. I think this would be so much fun for Bill and I to do together. They have all sorts of classes from cocktails, to cookie decorating, to the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. I'm always up for learning new techniques, and what a fun way to do it. Here's there website. Check it out. http://www.vikingcookingschool.com/hc-cgi-bin/hc?templ=new_vcs/home.html&nocl=1

I've decided no southern lady should be without the "Southern Bible." Therefore I must have a subscription, right? Subscription link: https://subs.timeinc.net/SL/sl_2rf13for16cntrl0609.jhtml?experience_id=239741&source_id=4&_requestid=431713&_requestid=431713

As long as I have loved Pottery Barn, I have loved these dishes. Who doesn't love reindeer. And who doesn't need Christmas plates? No one! Its not something I need all at once, its more of something I could collect over the years. That is, unless, someone wants to be very generous and buy it all at one time for me... No really, they are so adorable, and a fun way to celebrate my favorite holiday. Available at http://www.potterybarn.com/.

As I was browsing through my Pottery Barn catalog that I got today I saw these lovely little things. I do love the reindeer dishes, but how beautiful are these? Each plate represents the 12 days of Christmas. The catalog describes them as a first course or dessert plate. Very lovely. Also available at http://www.potterybarn.com/.

A magazine ad for these shoes caught my eye several months ago. They are called Reebok Easy Tone. They have these special ball like pads on the bottom of them so that when you walk it works your leg and butt muscles. Uh, hello? Who wouldn't want that? As someone who doesn't enjoy working out and really has no desire to do so, is this not the perfect thing? I tried them on at Dick's Sporting Goods about a month ago, and they are actually pretty darn comfortable. But, the sales guy warned me that it will, in fact, burn my buns. I'm all for trying them out! You can read more about them on Reebok's website. They're available at pretty much any sporting goods store.
Best. Idea. Ever. Have yall heard of this? This was created by Kim Kardashian. Basically you sign up for $40 a month. They send you a pair of shoes every month, and then you send them back for a new pair the next month. You can skip months if you don't want one during a particular month. What girl doesn't want a awesome new pair of shoes every month? Check it out. http://www.shoedazzle.com/
So, that's my "practical list" of Christmas ideas. Now, for my "wishful thinking" list...

*Louis Vuitton purse
*David Yurman ring or bracelet
*a trip to Italy
*Razorback season tickets
*hardwood floors
*Christian Louboutin shoes
All this Christmas wishin' has got me thinking I need to get started shopping! It'll be here before you know it! Merry Christmas everyone!

October 11, 2009

yeah yeah

hey all. sorry, i havn't felt like blogging much lately. just mostly stalking other peoples blogs. its what i do. anyways, i've been so busy, hard to find time to think these days. work has been crazy. got a ton of shipment and had to find a way to get it all on the sales floor. that was a challenge. didn't have a full day off last week due to inventory and the 50 boxes on top of the 30 boxes the day before.

so, let me fill you in on the best weekend ever. RAZORBACK FOOTBALL IN DALLAS TEXAS! we had tons of fun. the tailgate was a success. the only upset was that is rained. all. day. long. the family got there around 9 and fired up the grill and got set up. i came in around 1:30 and jordan (my cousin) and his friends showed up around 2. everyone was having a good time despite the rain, until my car wouldn't start. go figure. the game was awesome. the band, the fight songs, the cheers, SEC football, the victory. i was pretty much beside myself. woo pig!

so, had to get the car towed. that was interesting. but lori and trev were there, so i didn't really much mind standing in the dark, cold, rain for 2 hours waiting on a tow truck. sure was good to see them, even though it was short.

me and my cousin at the game.

my favorite people ever!

well, glad that this week is over. but wait, its sunday, and that means another week is upon us! bout to watch the cowboys beat the cheifs! go boys!