April 13, 2009

mondays make me miss...

Family: if you know me, you know I like to spend time around people I
love. Living 5 hours away from my family has brought a whole new
meaning to quality time. Our time is usually so short when we get to
see each other. It's never enough. They say it is good to live away
from family when you're newlyweds, and to a certain point I can
understand the logic behind it, but I also find it sort of difficult.
Especially with the in-laws. Yes, Bill and I dated for 5 years so I
got to know his family pretty well. But, I knew that once we got
married it would take that "knowing" to a whole new level. I happen to
love my in-laws and it has been hard being apart from them. This is
true with my family as well. I sometimes feel we are missing out on
the "growing as a family" aspect. I mean, every now and then you need
that, "we're poor little newlyweds, y'all want to take us out to
dinner?" oh, and don't even mention the pets. I miss Dolly, Angelica,
Winter, and TC too!

Friends: I talked to my BFF last night and it really made me miss her.
We've been playing phone tag for about a week. It just shouldn't be
that difficult to just catch up with your bestie! I just figured I
would get married, and do newlywed things with my newlywed friends. I
hate when a couple weeks go by and I think to myself, I haven't talked
to my friends! It's kinda one of my biggest fears, loosing my friends
because we are too busy to stay in touch. My friends are my life, they
made me a part of who I am. Why would I want to lose that? I miss
y'all, and you know who you are!

Little Rock: you might think, "how can she miss little rock, when she
lives in big ole Dallas?" well, little rock will always be home to me.
I lived there my whole life, it's what I know, it's comfortable. There
may not be a huge nightlife, the cowboys, or anything you ever wanted
or needed right at your fingertips. But, I was doing pretty good
without it too. I guess I miss it because every good and even bad
memory I have pretty much comes from there. I'm sort of a nostalgic
person, and I just get a little misty eyed when I think about all my
memories I made there.

Moral of the story in all this, is... Bill and I have grown way more
than I ever thought possible since moving here. My expectations of
marriage were totally shattered, bc things are WAY better than I ever
imagined. We are each others family, so we have learned to support
each other where the "absence" of extended family is. My dad and step
mom do live in Dallas, and it has been a blessing getting to spend
more time with them. Bill an I want to make solid friendships with
other Christian couples. People that will support us and encourage us
just as our friends in LR do. This takes time, so we are not
discouraged by it. I just have to keep reminding myself that God
brought us to Dallas for a reason. We can build our own family, and
make our own memories in this big city. We haven't even scratched the
surface of what dallas has to offer. We are only getting started.

I am definitely leaps and bounds from where I was a year ago, but
maybe if you think about it, say a little prayer that I would become
even more comfortable living in this huge place. It can make you feel
like you are a nobody in a sea of important people sometimes. Bill and
I are so thankful for everyones support! Love you, mean it!

Allison Davis
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