April 26, 2009

first night

bill and i are FINALLY spending the night in the new house! almost everything is moved over, just a few odds and ends to finish up. thanks to my mom, we got all the kitchen stuff moved over on Friday. that is the hardest part to me. since we didn't get a moving truck or uhaul, it was just a lot of trips back and forth. we didn't "pack" anything. we just trusted that it wouldn't break, and thankfully nothing did! pretty unbelievable. my dad and bill moved all the furniture over today. now, it is just getting things organized, and finding its spot. but thats the fun part right? its kinda strange being here, it doesn't feel like my house yet. i know i'll get used to it, but i just feel kinda funny!

well, thats it for now, i better get to bed. i have to work tomorrow, but its almost vacation time! :)

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