April 27, 2009

3 hours till vaca...

Surprisingly this day has gone by pretty fast, considering in 3 hours
I'll be on vacation until Monday! This will be the longest I've been
away from my store since I started, and I've been here almost a year!
I don't think I'll miss it too much. I will mostly miss my daily
gossip sessions with Pam, she owns the Bath Junkie, next door. Quick
plug for Bath Junkie: LOVE that place! You make your own bath stuff,
and the best is the salt scrub. Bill even uses it (don't tell him I
told you!) they are all over so check it out if you've never been!
Anyways, super pumped about vaca. I'm getting my hair highlighted
tomorrow. First time I've done any progressional coloring since my
senior year in high school. Cross your fingers! Other than that, I'll
be unpacking, decorating, cleaning, grocery shopping, and maybe
tanning (I really need it).

On another note... I picked up this months issue of Cosmo this
morning. I don't normall read it, bc most of it is pretty trashy. But
I heard there was an article about Anne Pressly in it. The article is
about women who live alone, and the dangers they face. I didn't know
Anne really well, but enough to have a casual conversation if we ran
into each other. She used to live down the street from me and my mom,
and she would always tell me she idolized my mom bc of her position in
TV. She was a wonderful person, full of personality. I think anyone
that watched her on TV, or had the chance to meet her loved her. She's
in a better place, and we'll meet again another day. Just keep praying
for justice against the person who did this to her.

K, happy thoughts again! One of my best friends, Brittany Binns, got
engaged this weekend. Of course I felt like the worst friend ever bc I
didn't even know the guys name! We haven't talked in a while, but to
give me the benefit of the doubt, they have only been dating 4 months.
I am super happy for her, and can't wait for wedding festivities to

Allison Davis
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