September 30, 2009

seems that football is my life

it feel like all i blog about is football, but football is literally my life right now. i live my life one football game at a time. time goes by so quickly during season. the last 2 weeks have been go, go, go and i'm sorta thankful that October will be a little slower. we have 2 away games and a bye week. By then, we're almost halfway through the season, and gunning for the playoffs. anyways, i want to talk a little about the Monday Night Football game this week.

we finally got to do a little tailgating. tailgating at cowboys stadium is a little different than texas stadium. it seems a little more refined. i personally like the rowdiness (if thats a word) of texas stadium. but i'm sure once the luster wears off of cowboys stadium, it will be just as fun. this is kinda silly, but i have to talk about what i wore to the game. i was really excited because i just bought some new skinny jeans to wear boots with, so i wanted to wear my vintage cowboy boots that i got for V-day last year. so skinny's, boots, and my Peace, Love, & Dallas Cowboys tee shirt.

so, if you remember in a past blog post i wrote about the PINK line that Victoria Secret created for the DC. its so stinkin' cute! well they have come out with more over the past month, and it just keeps getting better. we get into the stadium and Lori, the manager at Galleria comes running up to me showing me what she just bought at the pro shop. what else? new PINK merchandise. i made a bee line to the store to get me one, no questions asked. what was i going for? none other than the shirt that says, "I only kiss Cowboy Fans!" its soooo cute! there were like 3 other ones i wanted, but had to show a little self control. i digress...

so after the purchase i head to the bathroom and change into my new shirt. duh! not 3 seconds after walking out this old man comes up to me and says, "I'm a big cowboys fan!" and give me a smack right on the cheek! LOL! i got some looks that night. no worries, i only kissed the hubs! :)

fun game. we won, so all around good night. go boys!

now lets talk some Hogs! we are now 2 days away from the big game. Southwest Classic! i went to wally world today to get all the supplies. this is going to be razorback tailgating at its finest! i also found out that LORI&TREVOR are coming. eek! i'm so excited although a little bummed because lori can't find anyone to work for her saturday morning, so they wont make it down until right before the game. oh well, still excited to see them. I'M SO EXCITED! this will be, believe it or not, my second game to actually be in attendance for, since i graduated. loooooong overdue. WOO PIG SOOIE!

ok, enough football talk for now. peace!

September 22, 2009

the boys are back in town

What a weekend! It was soooo busy at my store this weekend. You would have thought the Cowboys were going out of style the way people were buying up merchandise. Saturday was CRAZY! Totally different than Firewheel. There was not a point when there wasn't a person in the store. I got to work at 11:30am and didn't sit, stop moving, take a drink, eat a bite, until I got home at 9:45 pm. Whew! It was a long day. Then Sunday, another big day. People grabbing their last minute items before heading out to tailgate. Without disclosing how much we made, I'll just say I was one of the top stores for sales for the weekend. I got the honorable mention on our director of merchandising's email for sales Month to Date. Yeah! It really makes ya feel good, when you've worked really hard, and you've been nervous about all the change.

Now for the payoff... Cowboys home opener, inaugural game at Cowboys Stadium! Lots of pomp and circumstance. Record breaking crowds, revealing of the Ring of Honor and famous blue Star on the field, giant American flags, Jordin Sparks, a good game against a conference rival, macaroni and cheese bar in the cowboys club, $8 beers, loss of voice, yelling at someone on the escalator, & so on. All that was missing was the cherry on top, the victory. Bummer. 4 turnovers, with 3 of them being interceptions by Tony. Ugh! Big mistake. Life goes on, but it shure would have been nice to have a (W) for the inaugural game.

Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, & Michael Irvin before the Ring of Honor Ceremony

George & Laura Bush doing the coin toss before the game.

Cowboys vs. Giants

This explains it all. Tons of people. 30,000+ alone in the "Party Pass" area.

It was fun to be a part of this. Thanks again Jerry! Lets hope we have better luck against the Panthers on Monday night.

September 21, 2009

copy cat

i love how my husband always makes fun of me for having Facebook/MySpace/Blog, then all of a sudden, he's got one of his own! It started with MySpace, then finally, he gave in and got a Facebook account. The tables turned on him, and I gave him grief about all the times he made comments about how Facebook is stupid. Well, ladies and gents, my wonderful hubby now has a blog of his own. You can follow him at... Mr.Bill.

So, if you're interested in reading about all his hobbies and manly activeties, be my guest. But, I know it will not compete with my wonderful blog about our happily married lives! :)

September 13, 2009

is it too soon to say this?

so sometimes i have really strong opinions, and sometimes i like to share them. I am going to go ahead and appologize for anything i might say that offends anyone, but i am almost 100% positive that no one will dissagree with me on this...

Tonight, like many others, I watched the MTV VMA's. What does MTV think they are doing? Who do they think they are? What happened to MTV circa 1998 when they showed videos, and had somewhat PG shows? I know MTV is not geared towards family tv, or anyone under the age of 14, but for goodness sakes, I am 24 and things they show and talk about now make me uncomfortable! Number one of the night...Russel Brand. Who the heck is this guy anyways? He is not attractive in any shape, form, or fashion. He is quite possibly one of the most crude people on the planet.

Number 2... how long has MTV been around and how long have they been doing the VMA's? I would think long enough to get a live show right. The production was awful! If you can't get it right, maybe you should just tape it first, then show it. This could be a reason the ratings have fallen off the cliff the past few years.

Number 3...It never fails that some crazy person finds their way up on stage to ruin a performance. Security anyone? How do these people get up there anyways? Ugh.

Number 4...My final point about the night. Kanye West. Why, WHY, do they keep inviting this person back to award shows. Or any shows for that matter? He seems to ruin any perfect moment of the show. I can't remember exactly every thing that he has done, but I recall him ranting about how he should have won an award over others. I think one of the most memorable for all is when he said "George Bush doesn't care about black people," on a charity show for hurricane Katrina. It just keeps happening, and tonight it happened again! Not even 30 minutes into the show he ruined a wonderful moment for Taylor Swift. Here's a link to an article I found about the incident.

Kanye West Has Truly Lost It...

I can probably go out on a limb and go ahead and say I hate Kanye West. You are kinda right up on the shelf with Chris Brown. Loose the ego. You're mother would not be proud of you tonight.

Alright, so thats it. I am done for the night.

September 10, 2009

because i have nothing else to write about...

i haven't done one of these in a while. so here it goes...

Right now I Am:
watching NFL football on tv. thank you Lord! football season is here. football is the one thing that gives me a competative spirit. i love that i know the rules, and how it works. i love that i can, for the most part, name players and positions. i love that i can tell people news about different teams. of course, this come with the fact that i work for the most recognized football team in America, or world for that matter. Go Hogs & Go Cowboys!

Music I'm listening to on repeat:

ok, i'll admit it... i love miley cyrus! can't get enough of Party in the USA!

I also have jumped on the Kings of Leon train. i just downloaded there CD on my iphone. love that song, Use Somebody.

I'm glad:

tomorrow is friday, and my mom and step dad are coming to visit this weekend. they haven't been to Dallas since April. They have not seen the house since we have gotten it a little more decorated, and done some more updates. I have to work Saturday, but I hope we have a good time seeing each other and hanging out. Friday night Bill and I are going to grill hamburgers on our new grill that mom and Mark got Bill for his bday. I'm goint to make baked beans and watermelon and feta salad to go with the burgers. Saturday when i get off work i think we are going to try and take a tour of Cowboys Stadium. They both want to see it. It is amazing! We will probably go to church sunday morning then they will head back to Little Rock. There is a chance of rain all weekend, so hopefully that doesn't dampen (no pun intended) the fun!

I'm missing:
my best friends. growing up and moving is wonderful, but quite bittersweet. after graduation we all moved in different directions. the biggest one of all being, that i got married and moved to dallas, tx. it has been difficult for us being apart from family, friends, and everything we have ever known. but, it has also been great to get away from what we knew and to learn new things. there isn't a day that i don't think about my besties, my family, and my Little Rock. love you all!

I'm relieved:

i am not in politics. i try to keep up. i try to understand. but its a lost cause. i do know that i don't drink the Obama kool-aid. not to say that i will always disagree with everything he says or does, but for the most part i'm not riding that train. i'm a conservative and i use my faith and my beliefs as my stand on politics. thats all i have to say about that.

I'm currently reading:
ummmm...nothing. i'm not much of a reader. i sometimes wish i was and i try and look cool at Barnes and Noble browsing through the aisles. i usually end up around the magazine stands reading a People or Glamour.

I'm ready to:
get back to Fayetteville for a visit. I have only been back once since i graduated! that is entirely too long. i have only been to one football game too. most importantly i havn't seen my name on the senior walk!
list of things i would do if i made a trip to the 'Ville:
-see my name on the senior walk
-$1 slice night at Gino's Pizza
-Dickson St. (On the Rocks, Z330, Grubs, etc)
-see the house i lived in. or lack there of...they tore it down :(
-drive up and down maple. just to make sure it all looks the same.
-tailgate in the Pit
-check in on my BFF natalie at Foghorns, and eat some chicken quesadillas
-La Huerta!
-and so much more!!!

I am looking forward to:
Arkansas vs. Texas A&M game! October 3rd the Southwest Classic comes to Cowboys Stadium. This is a big deal for several reasons:
-Dad and I are Arkansas alumni
-my cousin is a senior at A&M
-Its at Cowboys Stadium
-a ten year tradition!

I'm excited about:
my new chandelier in my dining room. it definitely tops the previous 1982 stained glass looking one. bill and i actually installed a new fan in our living room and the new chandelier this weekend. the house is coming together, slowly but surely.
another thing i'm excited about is my lighted pumpkin i bought today at pier 1 for fall! i've been wanting it since last year, so i splurged and got it today. can't wait to put it out. i can't find a picture of it on the website or otherwise i would show you. its super cute.
Recent television addiction:
BIG BROTHER! Thanks to my step mother, i am addicted to this show. Its a great summer show because it comes on 3 nights a week. so, since there aren't many summer shows that i enjoy, this makes up for it. next tuesday is the 2 hour finale and i can not wait! i'm a little sad its about to be over, but that means my favorite fall shows are about to premier! can't wait for some Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives!

I want to bake:
i'm not much of a baker, so i would choose Strawberry Pie instead. It is my all time favorite dessert and its so easy to make! It was my grandmother's (mom's mom) receipe, and my mom makes it every summer, and now i do. i've made it twice this summer so far. its the best summer dessert. if anyone wants the receipe just ask, because i promise you will fall in love with it!

Last thought:
I can't believe tomorrow marks the 8th anniversary of 9/11. That day will never be forgotten. Bill and I were talking about it the other day, and just how the country has never been the same. It was my junior year of high school and i was in my first class of the day. a friend of mine came in late and whispered to me that a plane flew into the World Trade Center. it all went downhill from there. the next thing that happened was the scariest. i was in spanish class and we were all trying to go about our normal business, because the school wouldn't let us watch tv or anything. the school secretary came in and gave our teacher a note, she walked over to my desk and gave it to me. she said you can step outside if you would like. the note read, "your mom called, said your dad is ok." WHAT! HOLY CRAP! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? yeah, so my dad had told me the week before that he was going to be going to NY for business. i guess, luckily i forgot or i would have been a basket case! that note totally freaked me out because it was just so vague. what it meant was that he was in chicago, and his plane never took off because of what happened, and that he was safe. for me, my family member was safe. for others, not so lucky. the images of that day, the burning buildings, the planes driving thru them, the people jumping to safety, the city covered in ash. it haunts me still. as this day approaches, lets never forget the people that sacrifice for our country, and lets never forget the ones who have lost so that we may have freedom.
well, this was fun. it only took me like an hour to finish! i'm not very good at adding the pictures and stuff. oh well. hope yall like it!

September 4, 2009


the hubby informed me today that several major law suits are in progress involving "free speech" of employees vs. large corporations. i believe one of the biggest is one involving Bank of America. it might even make it to the supreme court. basically large corporations are filing against their own employees for commenting on their Facebook, myspace, or blogs about work related things.

i definitely never want this to happen to me. so as a disclaimer i am stating right now that i in fact love my job. i may not love it everyday, but i definitely enjoy it. its spontanious, its different, its fun, its the cowboys. i don't want anyone to get the wrong idea when i post things about my job, b/c i in no way want to jeopardize me relationship with the company. so whoever may run across this wonderful blog... "love you job, mean it."

anyways... i can hardly stand the wait until razorback football. its less than 12 hours away, but i can't wait! i'm ready to hear the hog calls, to see those rowdy fans screaming with their hog tattoos on their cheeks. the red and white. the fight song, that big arkansas flag! thank you Lord for the SEC, and thank you Lord for Arkansas Razorback football! hit that line!

September 3, 2009

same job, new store

today was my first day at my new store. for those that may not have heard, i was asked to move to the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, TX. This is a wonderful opportunity for me. More inventory, more employees, more responsibility, and bigger expectations of me from the company. i am a little overwhelmed right now, mostly because i just don't deal well with change. i was pretty happy at Firewheel, but i am awfully happy and greatful that they though of me for this position.

i have to say, my last day at firewheel was pretty bittersweet. It was a big stepping stone in my life. The Cowboys had faith in my skills and offered me my first manager position, and it was a huge learning opportunity for me. I will mostly miss the fact that it was an outdoor mall, and at any moment i could step outside for some fresh air. it was awfully nice being able to see outdoors. it made if feel more like a "boutique" and not so much a mall. i will also miss my friend Pam, the owner of the Bath Junkie, next door. Pam was like a mom to me. We really connected and became good friends. I sure hope that we can stay in touch. I will also miss John, an employee who has been with me for a year. he was a good employee. trustworthy, responsible, knew his stuff. i hope that things work with him and the new manager of the store. anyways...

my first day at the new store really just consisted of organizing, straightening, and learning my way around. the store was really a mess, in my opinion. i was also left with a bunch of shipment to complete. that really frustrated me, but i will just have to put in some hours to get caught up. i really hope i can please the company, and go beyond there expectations of me in this store. i am excited, so i hope it all works out. be praying for me!

side note... college football is on tv right now!!! i am so ready for some Razorback Football this weekend! WOOO PIG SOOIE!!!