April 17, 2009

the baby has arrived...

...and by baby, i mean granite countertops! GOTCHA, didn't I?

Well, I have to say, they are B-E-A-U-tiful! Bill really did this all on his own. I couldn't go the day he went to the rock yard to pick out the granite. I was a little worried about this, because I wouldn't really call Bill, "Mr. Interior Decorator." But he pleasantly surprised me when the granite people showed up today to install. Its pretty perfect. Now the challenge is picking what color for the backsplash. Its so hard to coordinate colors on the wall, cabinets, and countertops. Then you have to make sure its not something crazy, so that you can actually sell your house later on. Shew! Its a lot of fun though, being able to customize your own home.

I am sooooo ready to actually LIVE in this house! I'm off this weekend, b/c its our anniversary! We will be able to give the ole house a thorough cleaning so that we can start moving. We will basically be gypsies for the next couple weeks. We aren't hiring a moving company, or renting a UHAUL, we're just gonna stuff it all in our car and make like 100 trips back and forth. Fun huh? Good thing its literally 1.2 miles from the apartment.

k, enough about the house for now. I want to just mention this one thing that happened today, and an all around general observation. People are crazy drivers in Dallas. Like, where the heck are you going that you have to be going THAT fast?! Then, whoa, look who's next to me at the next stoplight. Mr. Speedy Gonzalez himself! This brings me to what happened today. Bill and I were making our tri-weekly trip to Lowe's this evening and here in Dallas when you are driving on the "access" road you are supposed to yield to people coming off the interstate. Well you only have to live here about 2 days to learn, people don't really abide by this rule. One, there is just too much traffic to yield (especially during rush hour). And two, people drive tooooo fast! Its really every man for himself out there. You just have to be aggressive! Anyways...We were on the access road, and this dude in his sporty little 2 door convertible mercedes comes flying off the interstate. Horn is a blaring!!! Next thing I know, dude is stopped next to us with his window down freaking screaming at us. Bill and i literally were cracking up. This guy was sooo furious because apparently we didn't yield to him coming off the interstate. All sorts of 4 letter words are flying outta his mouth. He is stopping traffic just to yell at us. Let me remind you that it is around 6:30pm, peak traffic time in Big D. So, if anyone knows me, they know I can have a little road rage. I have gotten better, promise! So I start rolling down the window, Bill is thinking "Oh Lord, here we go." I yelled, but after the fact I wish I had thought of something more clever. This guys license plate read "King" and was more tan than a freaking Hawaiian tropic model. Ya know, one of those, I work out and tan so maybe chicks will dig me. Anyways, Bill and i had a good laugh. People just need to relax.

whoa, its 1:00am, I'm off to bed!

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  1. It won't be long before you're one of those crazy Dallas drivers... I never thought it would happen to me, but it did! I certainly don't drive like that with Harper in the car, but whenever I was by myself, I just felt like I had to keep up with everyone else. And I can't believe that guy yelled at you.... he should know by now that no one yields!

    Glad the house is coming together. I'm so jealous of your granite countertops!!! I'm sure they are beautiful!