March 30, 2010


just wanted to let everyone know i have a new favorite store to add to my list:

you should check it out. oh, and i accept donations and gift cards.

March 25, 2010

under the weather

the allergy/cold bug has hit the Davis household. Bill got it last week, and now I've got it. they have been saying the pollen counts, and all other counts that cause people with allergies, and even people without allergies, to go completely haywire. Bill is feeling all better, and I'm getting there, thanks to staying home from work today. got to cuddle with my puppy and just lay around the house. it was nice. haven't done that in a long time. too bad i was sick...

well, Bill and I had a nice weekend. We got to spend it with his mom and sister. it was his sister, Isabelle's spring break. they wanted to come see us and more importantly, go shopping. luckily, i could take a couple days off work to go with them. it was fun to just go shopping with no agenda. haven't done that in a long time either. too bad i didn't have more money to spend, but it was still fun to look at all the cute things. and there were a lot of cute things! of course, we didn't even scratch the surface of what DFDub has to offer, as far as shopping goes. but, there will be other times. i did come away with a cute new ruffled top, a Polo t-shirt, and some work out pants. exciting, i know.

i also received a special pizey* from the fam upon arrival! (*pizey is a word used in my husbands family for the word "gift", they have lots of special words that i've had to learn over the years. i also use them in normal day-to-day conversation now too.) anyways... they got me a Fossil watch i've been wanting.

isn't it cute? bills mom and sis have one just like it. ha! so were all twinkies. i love it!

this week has gone by fast, can't believe tomorrow is friday already. i hope everyone has a great weekend, looks like we will have beautiful weather. maybe i can convince bill to go to the arboretum. keep your fingers crossed.

March 18, 2010

fight night

once again, working for the Cowboys has its perks. we were offered up to 4 free tickets to the Pacquiao vs. Clottey fight at the stadium. I really had no interest in the fight, but you can't pass up free, right? so, i went ahead and reserved 4. i didn't realize how big of a fight this was, and to be honest, i still don't. but, apparently it was a big deal. i always know when they start offering free tickets, the seats will be pretty decent, because those are the expensive ones they can't sell. jerry doesn't want his stadium looking empty on national tv. but honestly, we didn't know where are seats would be until we picked them up at will call. well, i was right. we weren't ringside, but pretty darn close. they had floor seats, then they built bleachers behind those before you got to the real seats on the 1st level.

i had to do some research on what you are supposed to wear to a professional fight. i mean, you see movies where people are wearing cocktail dresses and mink coats. i learned that you dress up more, the closer you are to the ring. so, i figured i could get a way with "club wear." it was fun getting all dressed up. of course, i carried my flip flops in my purse so i didn't have to walk a mile in my heals. its tough being a girl...

we, meaning me, the hubs, my dad and step-mom, had a great time. the under card fights started at 5pm. we got there around 6:30 and were able to see 5 under card fights. the main event started at 10:30. late!!! we didn't get out of there until after midnight. of course that meant a late night Dennys stop. here are some pics from Fight Night...

this is michael buffer, aka the "Let's Get Ready to Rumble!" guy.
might have been my favorite part. ha!

Pacquiao vs. Clottey

you can see Jerry Jones, his wife, Jimmy Johnson and his wife,
& Berry Switzer in the background.

waiting to see who won

Pacquiao wins!

all gussied up for the fight.
i love my necklace, even if it did weigh like 10 pounds.
I wonder what kinda free tickets we can get next?

March 15, 2010

peanut swirl brownies

wowza! if you love a peanut butter/chocolate mix the way i do, then this is your recipe! i made these a few weeks ago and it made a lot, so i stuck some in the freezer and we are still enjoying them today. try them, i promise you won't be disappointed.

Peanut Swirl Brownies
Click here for the recipe. Courtesy of and Ina Garten.

while i'm on the chocolate/peanut butter topic... i want to talk about one of my favorite things.

thats right. reeses peanut butter eggs. my all-time favorite candy EVER is a reeses cup. a hard chocolate coating and a soft peanut butter inside. YUMM.O. Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays, and you add a Reeses Egg to it, can you say Perfection? why is the egg so much better than a normal reeses cup, you ask? you get more peanut butter in the egg, and that is my favorite part. plus they are bigger. lots of calories. i will accept all donations and gifts of a reeses eggs anytime. thank you in advance. Side note: they also make reeses trees at christmas time. those are also good. :)

happy (almost) easter!

March 8, 2010

re: and the oscar goes to

i'd like to give myself a good ole pat on the back, and here is why...

in my last post, and the oscar goes to, i discussed the fashions of the 82nd Academy Awards. i think i have a pretty good eye for fashion, and boy was i almost spot on! check this link out for Yahoo's Oscar report card: 2010 Red Carpet: Fashion Report Card.
like, OMG, are yall ready for Molly and Jason's wedding tonight? NOT! i'm totally not drinking this kool-aid, at all! Jason was the most hated bachelor in bachelor history. buuuuut... being the girl that i am, will probably watch it. i digress...

March 7, 2010

and the oscar goes to...

tonight was the 82nd annual Academy Awards, and I have to be honest, i'm not the biggest fan of awards shows. they are usually pretty uneventful and so drawn out that by the 3rd hour i'm so past bored its not even funny. but do i watch anyways? of course. i'm like any other girl. i want to see what the stars are wearing, and you just have to be in the know... ya know?

before i get to my take on the the fashions of the Oscars there are a couple of things about this night that stood out to me. first, the hosts, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, were actually pretty entertaining. Did anyone watch the Barbara Walters Oscar special? Get past the fact that Barbara is possibly the most awkward person ever, and lets talk about the Mo'Nique interview. She's strange. Any woman that hasn't shaved their legs in 40 years, and has an "open relationship" with their husband, is strange and wont be on the Christmas card list. She DID, however, win and award. Good for her. A big accomplishment tonight, a woman won best director for the first time ever. I can't believe that! W2G Kathryn Bigelow. Girl power! Lastly, I am so happy Sandra Bullock won best actress. She totally deserved it! If you havn't seen The Blind Side, you're missing out. If she didn't win, I was pulling for Gabourey Sidibe.

alright on to the fashion... lets start with the best.

Sandra Bullock looked stunning in this gown. I loved all the sparklyness but the lace at the top balanced it out and added a very feminine touch. Good job Sandy!

I really liked Rachel McAdams dress tonight. Nothing too over the top, but it looked great on her. I like the flowy and tie-dyed kinda look.

This is not a good pic of the dress, but I think Elizabeth Banks had the best use of ruffles tonight. There were lots of them on the red carpet, but I enjoyed the mermaid style and the color.

Salma Hayek is always beautiful. But, I really liked her red number tonight. Although, i do have to say it was a little fallish, but i'll still give it up to Salma for looking classy.
and for the Best Dressed of the night. drum roll please... Cameron Diaz! Loved this little sparkly number. She always looks adorable in anything she wears. Good job to Rachel Zoe, her stylist, for finding yet another great gown for Miss Size Zero.
and now the unfortunate task of deciding the worst dressed of the night...
oh SJP. i know your "niche" is being different and wearing things us normal people wouldn't dream of putting on. but this is not working. not to mention your hair. did you oversleep and not have time to get your hair did? Fail.

holy ruffles! Vera Farmiga is not rockin' it tonight. this is like a mix of 80's prom and my 9th grade cotillion dress. i do, however, like the color. but, the ruffles look like they're about to eat her. watch out!

there are no words. what happened, zoe saldana? did you fall in a pool of ink? those ruffle-like thingys at the bottom look like a spanish meringue dancers outfit. the only thing good about this is the waist up.

aaaaaaaaand worst dressed is... Charlize Theron. this is a beautiful lady, and i typically like what she wears, but this is all wrong. i like the color, but what are those rose-like applique things accentuating her breasts? like, hello here are my boobs. don't get me started on that train. double fail.

another Oscar night in the books. i'd like to thank the Academy for taking 3 1/2 hours of my life that i will never get back. goodnight.

March 2, 2010

swimsuit season is upon us

are you ready? i sure as heck know i'm not! well, i take that back. i'm ready for it in mind and spirit, but definitely not body. bill and i have a wonderful beach trip planned mid-summer and i need to start preparing now. i've been searching around my favorite stores and several websites to see what the trends are for this summer, here's what i've gathered... BRIGHT colors, ruffles, and glamour.

here are a few of my favorites i found when searching the web...

SPANX, (a womans best friend! if its not, then you need to make it!), has come out with a swimwear line and i LOVE it! who wouldn't want tummy controlling swimwear? these were some of my favs from their website:

beautiful bright pink, and a cute little ruffle trip

love the colorblocking on this one. makes it look sorta retro.

something about this one just screams, "i'm so sweet!" love the B&W too!
i'm always a fan of jcrew's swim collection. they're simple, classic, and flattering (most of the time). this was my favorite this year...

the ruffles will conceal and imperfections your wanting to hide in the tummy. it has a tie around the waist to create a figure. its strapless, so you still get that perfect tanline-less tan. love it!

lets not forget you need the perfect cover-up too. this is especially true when you're at the beach. i found this one on Anthropologie's website.
such a pretty pink, and love that shimmery gold detail. this would be perfect to hit the beach in, but can wear to a beach party that night.
i also found a great website that has great tips on how to find the best fit for your body when it comes to swimwear. they have TONS of swimsuits to choose from, you are bound to find something you like here.

happy swimsuit shopping, and good luck!