April 20, 2009

happy 1 year!

Well, yesterday bill and I celebrated one year of marriage. I can't
believe how time has flown by! We have experienced so much in our
first year. We are so blessed to get to do all we have done, and for
all the support we get from our friends and family.

We traded a big night out, or a trip somewhere, to be able to fix up
our kitchen. While a fancy dinner and a night at the W is TOTALLY my
style, our first home will be where many memories are made, and I will
appreciate it so much more. So, we just relaxed yesterday. Actually
got to take a nap! Then we ate dinner at one of our favs, cantina

Bill gave me a small rose bush to pant at the house. My grandmother
would be so proud! I have carried a burden of not taking care of the
one she left me when she passed away. Then it got left in LR. She will
probably scold me when I get to heaven. I got a copy of my bridal
portriat framed for bill. That way when I'm old and grey, he will
remember how pretty I was when we got married! Ha!

So, the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming more clear. We
successfully installed our tile backsplash in our kitchen. Bill would
like to credit YouTube, and amy from the "glass tile, etc." video, to
helping him learn the proper installation of a glass tile backsplash.
Very informative, I do recommend it. However, upon completion of this
project, we have comepletely earased all knowledge of how to install
tile backsplashes from our memory. So, unfortunately we can't help you
install yours. :)

We will finally begin packing things to move this week I could not be
more excited. It is time to enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Allison Davis
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