February 22, 2010

valentines day

a few pics to brag on my husband for giving me such a special valentines day this year...

i woke up to a cute balloon and 12 beautiful red roses.
only my husband would get a balloon that says, "you got me roped valentine!"

it was NBA All-Star weekend in Dallas, so instead of fighting crowds at fancy restaurants, even if we were lucky enough to get a reservation, Bill decided to cook me dinner. he didn't let me help at all, other than the occasional, "where is this ingredient?" and "what does it mean when the recipe says...?" i'll admit i was a little skeptical but....

this is how it turned out! wonderful! he made meatballs with a sweet and sour type sauce over a bed of rice and onion rolls. something i would probably never think about making, and he did great!

overall, we had a great valentines weekend. i'm so thankful for such a wonderful, loving husband!

snow day

its taken me so long to post our snow day pics, that we're already supposed to have another one tomorrow! what is up with this weather? anyways... a couple weeks ago Dallas experienced its biggest snow storm in history! some areas got around a foot of snow, we got about 8 inches here at our house. it was amazing. it literally snowed ALL day long! it was so neat to see the city covered in snow. Bill and I did get out and play in it before it all melted away. here are some pics from our snow day:

Our house. The front yard didn't get much because of our huge trees.
still pretty though.

the back yard. the trees in the front and back were almost touching the ground.
i was so nervous that they would snap!

bill making snowballs. i warned him if he hit me with one
then he wasn't getting dinner. hehe.

happy snow day!
i do have to say, i've enjoyed the amount of snow we've gotten here in Big D. it comes as quite a surprise since its not typical of the region. i mean this is texas, right? buuuuuuuuut... i'm ready for spring!!! i'm blaming this weather on Punxsutawney Phil, ya know, the groundhog? he saw his dang shadow, and poof! 6 more weeks of winter. Dallas is forcasted to get a couple inches of snow tomorrow. if we get 2.9 more inches it will be the snowiest winter on record.
(sigh) if you need me i'll be in the bahamas....

February 12, 2010


i think everyone knows by now that jcrew is one of my favorite stores to shop in. you will not find a lot of jcrew clothing in my closet, however, because its a tad on the expensive side. since i don't dress up for work everyday, i just cant justify purchasing a lot from there, because i would really hardly wear it. there's nothing wrong with lookin' though, right?

i have had my eye on this jacket since about the beginning of December. i think it is just adorable. i think this would be the perfect jacket for someone like me. since i'm tall, i can get away with the length of the jacket. and i love the belted tie, that creates separation and gives you more of a figure. this way you don't look like a long tootsie roll/marshmallow. its cute, its comfortable, its functional. now, we live in texas which, again, doesn't really justify the need to have a warm, heavy, jacket. so, here are my top 3 reasons for wanting or wishing for it...

1) we do a lot of tailgating, whether it be Cowboys games or Arkansas games. We enjoy a fun tailgate, and sometimes those tailgates can get pretty chilly. So, it would be really nice to have a warm, yet flattering jacket.
2)Since the whole global warming thing has gone to crap, and we've had one of the coldest winters in a long time (hence the biggest snow storm in Dallas history this week) i believe you can never be too prepared. Therefor, you need a warm coat.
3)Finally, you never know when you might get invited on a ski trip, make a trip to Chicago or NYC, or ya know, go to New Zealand or something.

Unfortunately these still aren't enough to actually convince myself to pay full price for it. So, I will keep checking jcrew.com everyday until it finally goes on sale, then just maybe i'll make the purchase. until then...

*snow pics are coming soon!
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February 7, 2010


i love me some mexican food! and when i found this recipe a friend posted on her blog from The Pioneer Woman, i had to try it out. she added that the people she made these enchiladas for, commented that they were possibly the best enchiladas they had ever eaten. so, i made them friday night for me and the hubs. whoa! they were amazing. very authentic tasting. i can't keep something like this to myself so here is the link to the recipe:

i do have to warn you though, the recipe is called "simple" but those would not be my thoughts about it. while they are great enchiladas, the recipe is quite a process not to mention messy. you will dirty up a lot of dishes making these, but totally worth it. this one will definitely go in the recipe box, but this is probably more of a every-now-and-then recipe.

this is a picture of my enchiladas. looks pretty tasty, right?

makes my mouth water just lookin' at them!

alrighty, on another note... today was Superbowl Sunday! The Saints played the Colts. I was begrudgingly for the Saints just because I think they deserved it. Not because of the whole Katrina thing either. I just think they were a good team, and had a great season, and it was their time. anyways, they won! we watched the game over at my dads. i made some really yummy sliders w/chipoltle mayonnaise, brisket quesadillas, and spinach dip. yum! i feel like i gained about 10 pounds from snacking all day! all in the name of football, right?

we played a fun little betting game with quarters during the game. a good way to to have fun, if you really aren't the gambling kind. everyone had to bring a hand full of quarters with them, around $5. we had to answer some questions like, "who will win the coin toss?", "who will be ahead at halftime?", and "who is the winner, and what is the total combined score?" that sort of thing, before the game got started. then if you lost the answer to the question, you had to put a quarter in the pot. if you won the question, then you got to keep your quarter. at the end of the game it all came down to who picked the winner. if you didn't pick the winner then you automatically lose. then if there were more than one winners it came down to the combined overall score, closest without going over. well... winner, winner, chicken dinner! i am the only one who picked the Saints, so i won! $6.50 in quarters! woo hoo! :)

have a good week everyone! its almost valentines day, so don't forget!