April 6, 2009

Movin' right along

So y'all are probably getting tired of hearing the day to day details
of the progress we have made on the house. And let me just clarify
that by y'all I mean my family, because they are probably the only
ones who read my blog. :) But here it goes...

We made some serious headway yesterday. Bill spent all of Saturday
priming and getting the living room, or "library" as we like to call
it, ready for me to paint. I almost got all the walls done! Let me
just remind you, this is the room we avoided like the plague. Shewee!
Am I glad to be almost done with it! Now I just have to paint the
trim. Let me also remind you that trim is not my friend!

Bill kept himself busy by changing our outlets and light switches. You
seriously won't recognize the house when we are finished. As Bill
said, "it's starting to look like a model home!" I agree.

On another note... I am getting excited for Easter. It's one of my
favorite holidays. I love thy everyone is wearing their "Easter best"
complete with bright pastel colors. The weather is usually super nice.
Perfect for an afternoon egg hunt. One of my favorite pastimes. I used
to make my g-ma hide eggs in June! And of course, JC! He is risen!

Allison Davis
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