March 25, 2009

busy bees

what started out as painting a few rooms, turned into "lets paint the whole house!" a fresh coat of paint just says, "new" to me. plus now its my dirt and not that guys! we took over the house last friday, and have been busy little workers every since. sunday was the first full day of work. can you say sore? we painted all day, took cabinets off to sand, and took down all the light switch covers. it was a full day. B-U-S-Y!

Monday some friends of ours from Little Rock were in town on Spring Break with their kids. They were staying at Great Wolf Lodge. Only the coolest place ever. For those that don't know, its an indoor water park. Let me repeat, Indoor! I want to stay there, I'm a dork! We went to eat at Joes Crab Shack, and spend the rest of the night just catching up. So we didn't end up getting to work Monday night. I worked late last night at the store, so Bill was on his own. He does such a good job! He primed all the kitchen cabinets. He has a plan, and he is sticking to it!

So, the utilities were supposed to be transfered into our name today. Well Bill went by the house today and while standing in the living room, out went the power! Like any other service such as this one, they "can't come until tomorrow" to turn it back on. Another night of no work! UGH!

I am becoming very fond of Lowe's. The paint man, and the man (Reggie) that checks me out are my new best friends. Lowe's is so much better than Home Depot, in my opinion. They really DO want to help you. Its always nice to have someone want to help you these days. We will make a trip to Lowe's tonight (duh!), I hope I see my friends...

I will try and do good about posting pics of the progress. I'm not at home much these days. I even made about 10 sandwiches last night to take over to the house, so we don't have to break for dinner! We have a month to finish, but its gonna fly by.

Wish us luck!

March 21, 2009

We're homeowners!

Yeah! We finally own the house. It is so exciting. I did have a little anxiety yesterday handing over that big check. But it's a done deal and I hold the keys to my very own house. Crazy!

I had a very good day yesterday. I got my hair cut. 3 inches came off! I love it. I also got Lil Red back! She looks perfect. You can't even tell I was hit by a deer. As much as I loved driving that HHR (sarcasm in voice) it feels good to have my car back. Then of course it was Fat Friday. This week it was at my dads and we had some tasty chicken spaghettin.

I'm in ultimate decorating mood now. I'm ready to start painting and fixing. Looks like we are going to start tomorrow.

I'll put pics up tonight. I had to get the classic stand in front of the sold sign pic!

March 19, 2009

A new day

Well I finall got my rental car. Waking up yesterday really early to get it didn't put me in the best of moods. I'm so NOT a morning person! But, at least I have a car. They gave me a Chevy HHR. For those who don't know what that is, it looks like a mix of a PT Cruiser and a hurse. At least it's not purple or yellow. I'm sorry if anyone drives or likes these cars, but it's not really my style. I'll get a pic later.

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to Friday. First, I'm getting my hair cut, which I am in desperate need of. It's all coming off. Im going short again. Texas is too hot to have long hair. Second, bill and I close on our house tomorrow! I can't believe I'm about to be a homeowner. I'm so excited, but nervous at the same time. There is so Much responsibility when it comes to owning a home. Not to mention the expenses. It is going to be a wonderful adventure. Let me know if you want to come help paint! :)

Bill and I are so blessed to be able to buy a home. I am so proud of him for working so hard to support us. He is so smart and I am amazed everyday at what he is capable of doing. He's such a wonderful husband. I just want to ask anyone who reads this to take a second to just pray for us and our new home. We really appreciate it! I'll get pics up of the house soon!

March 17, 2009


I am so frustrated at the moment. I dropped my car off this morning at the repair shop. They have an enterprise rental car place inside. I was thinking, well this will be easy. Yeah right! Apartently since it's spring break, they are out of cars. Alright.... What now? We can get one from another location. Great! So an Asian man with broken English drives me home, and I catch a ride to work from my step mom.

To make a long story short, after talking with 4 enterprise dealerships I still have no car! How can al north Dallas enterprise locations be OUT of cars? WTF? Sorry, I just find it hard to believe. I mean, this is Dallas,TX USA! C'mon! So the last dude I talked with guaranteed me he would have a car in the AM. If I get my butt out of bed early and get there to find no car I might loose it.

So, I started thinking that I might sound snobby. But 5 seconds later I realized NO, I just need transportation. I work 30 minutes from where I lay my head at night. I run crutial errands for my family, like food and dry cleaning. Duh! I'll probably end up with a purple PT cruiser with flames down the side. Lovely...

On top of all that, I'm missing American idol country night. Dang deer!

March 15, 2009

evidence of the deer attack

attack of the deer!

wow! what an interesting weekend. bill and i made a trip to little rock this weekend, and it was anything but ordinary. we left dallas friday evening around 5:30 and of course got stuck in dallas rush hour. it rained the ENTIRE way to LR! that will really wear you out. we were extremely happy to finally pull in my moms driveway.

saturday started out really great. i finally got to make it down to the farm again. it had been over a year! that can never happen again, because i absolutley love that place! its so relaxing, beautiful, and humbling. it really makes you appreciate the small things in life. we made the trip to rummage through the "container" for furniture. one could think that bill family runs a antique store, with the amount of furniture they have that has been passed down from one family member to the next. we picked out several things for the new house, so we are happy. we stopped to have lunch at the "store" before heading back to LR. this will mean nothing to yall, but bill and i have been together 6 years and i have never been to the "store." one can not even begin to describe this place, so i wont even try! lets just say, i'm glad to have finally experienced it.

after hanging out with both sets of parents for a while, we head to eat dinner with Lori and Trevor. I miss them so much. from the second we picked them up at their apartment, it was like we hadn't even missed a beat. i guess thats why we are best friends. it was like we were never apart! i love them! we ate at El Porton, my favorite, then decided we just wanted to hang out at their place and catch up. it was great fun, i didn't want the night to end. trevor ran in the LR marathon this morning, so we didn't want to keep him up too late. so this is where the night takes a turn...

leaving Lori and Trevs, i was pretty sad. for the obvious reasons, i was being pouty in the car, trying real hard to hold back the tears. we were on Rahling Road, and if any of you are familiar with that road, at night it can be pretty dark, and is surrounded by woods. it is also pretty notorious for having the occasional deer prancing across the road. so bill and i are driving, maybe 45mph, and a deer crosses our path, pretty close to our car. bill slams the breaks, i'm already freaked out! the next moments happened so quickly, it was the biggest blur, that i honestly don't know how i knew what was even going on. i saw the deer in my peripheral vision, and the next thing i hear is a HUGE thud on the passenger side of my beautiful car. I AM BAWLING!!! Holy cow, the deer just ran into my car! it scared the crap out of me, and the grumpy, sad mood that i am already in escalated immediately to psycho, freaked out stage!

i am looking in my side mirror at a huge dent in the side of my car. i can't believe this just happened, but thankful that we are ok. it could have been worse, much worse! but my pretty car...

Conversation with State Farm claims agent goes something like this:
Hi. We are traveling in Arkansas and our car was just struck my a deer.
A deer? Oh dear!

Sunday morning brought new revelations. The car looks much worse than it did in the dark of night. There are even deer hairs stuck to the wheels and door handles. GROSS! the whole passenger side of my car looks like i ran it into a light pole. maybe its just me, but i feel like people are looking at my car and thinking, "Wow, she must be a bad driver. Stay away from her." I AM NOT A BAD DRIVER! I've never had a wreck or been pulled over, and now i have deer imprints on my car!

so anyways...after church and a wonderful lunch with both families, bill and i headed back to big d. we made it safely, with a new vacuum, and the top to my wedding cake in hand. it was a great weekend, minus the deer encounter, and i am ready for the week ahead. House closing this week!

March 12, 2009

big on little rock

i am so excited because bill and i are making a trip to little rock tomorrow! dallas is an adventure everyday, and i enjoy learning all the new things about my new town. but little rock is home, its familiar, its comfortable.

i love visiting now, there is so much to do, so many people to see. its hard sometimes because you want to do so much and you have so little time to do it. you have to cram it all in! the amount of things i want to do in the rock could take weeks to accomplish.

the list includes, but not limited to...
-seeing my family
-seeing bills family
-seeing my friends
-going to all my favorite restaraunts (Buffalo Grill, US Pizza, El Porton, Dixie Cafe, and so on)
-make a trip to the Cowboy (duh!)
-go to the mall
-go to the farm
-the list goes on...

so anyways, i'm packed and ready to go. little rock, here i come!

March 11, 2009

dear mr. sun,

rain and cold weather are my least favorite combination. i was just starting to really enjoy the longer, sunny, and warm days, then BAM! Hit me in the face with rain and 40 degree weather! rainy days make my day at work seem to drag. working at an outdoor mall, that doesn't have a covered walkway, doesn't make for the most pleasant shopping experience. i sold $19.99 worth of merchandise today... that does not get me a promotion very quickly. at least my store is nice and straight!

so just when i thought my inventory days were behind me for this year, i went and forgot i volunteered to help my friend adam at his store. so far, inventory has been quick and easy, but adams store is a different story! Grapevine Mills Outlet Mall = large store, and highest amount of inventory. should be a fun night!

ok, this post is going all over, but i am sitting here watching Extra and i feel like i have to say this. NO ONE CARES ABOUT OCTO-MOM! i am so sick of hearing about her. i could say so many things that are wrong about the fact she is getting so much attention, but i'll spare you my opinion.

k bye!

March 8, 2009


man, am i glad this weekend is O-V-E-R! I've been working the whole time! that is my least favorite part about having a job in retail, i hate working on the weekends. i feel like i am missing out on quality time with my bill, and family. not to mention just having some downtime for myself. quality time is definitely my love language! i usually don't work on sundays, but we had inventory this weekend for our store. its been postponed for 3 weeks now, so it feels good to finally have that burden off my shoulders. now i'm just nervous about how our numbers turned out. hopefully it wont be too bad.

anyways... the one good part about the weekend was Friday night. we have started a new tradition called Fat Friday! every friday night we get together with my dad and step mom for dinner. the catch is, we get in our comfy "fat" clothes and try to not make a big fuss about dinner, just something easy. we take turns having it at our own houses. this week it was at our apartment, and i made tacos. they were pretty amazing, i have to say! after dinner we played the newlywed game. now that was interesting! i wouldn't recommend playing that with your own father, but if you want a good laugh, then go a head.

i'm so looking forward to this weekend, because bill and i are making a trip to little rock! i'm so ready!!!

March 4, 2009


Longer days, warmer nights, and buds on the plants! I am so excited that spring is near. This month will be full of transitions. Bill and I will close on our house March 20, and begin making this house our 1st home. There is something about owning a home that is liberating. I feel so grown up, but at the same time I still feel too young. Needless to say, I am thrilled and blessed to be able to purchase a home.

I have been looking at house and decorating magazines lately. There are so many great ideas! I can't wait to dive in. Other than picking out paint colors and deciding what furniture goes where, I have been most excited about the purchase of a refrigerator, washer and dryer. Yes, I would rather spend that money on something much more glamorous, there is something about those items that really get me going. I don't even like doing laundry! We could use a new vacuum cleaner too...

This new season is going to be a big transition, but it will be a milestone in our marriage and in our lives that will stay with me forever. Bring it on!

March 3, 2009

what's been going on...

Let me just get everyone caught up on what has been happening in our lives. Bill and I were married 10 months ago. We enjoyed an amazing honeymoon trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico! The day after we got back, we packed up all our things and moved to Dallas, TX. It was quite a whirlwind. It all happened so fast, and we really didn't know what to expect with all these changes.

Bill is the Vice President of Operations for Jan-Pro DFW, and is enjoying the everyday challenges that the job brings. I got a job with the Dallas Cowboys, as a manager for one of their pro shops. This has been quite the adventure. Bill and I got to go to all the home Cowboys games, and attend some of the company parties where we met players and coaches.

With the lease on our apartment coming to an end, Bill and I have been on the house hunt. After looking at lots of houses, and 2 other offers going through the drain, we finally found what we will call our home. It is in a wonderful location, close to where we are right now, so we are familiar with the area. We can't wait to get in there and start painting and making it our own. Plus getting a house means getting a dog! We will be closing on March 20th, so I'll keep ya updated with our progress, and put some pics up.

March 2, 2009

the davis' have joined the blogging word

Well, here we are! I've decided to join a blog website to keep anyone who is interested updated on what we're up to down in Texas! Yall enjoy!