April 8, 2009

My 9 to 5

I am definitely not gonna start complaining about my job. Not in this
economy. I'm thankful to have a job!

But can you say BOREDOM!? This time of year stinks in retail, even
more so when your a Cowboys store. People aren't thinking cowboys
right now. It's so slow, I'm happy to make a $100 a day at this point.
I mean I obviously have time to write in my blog.

I like my job. It's fairly easy so I can't complain. However, retail
has it's drawbacks. Weekend and holidays are pretty much out of the
question. That bothers me, bc quality time with people I love is my
love language. Not being with family on holidays, and not spending
time with Bill on the weekends is hard.

The other thing is this... I went to school for four years to get a
degree. I would like to think I am pretty qualified to have a "better"
job. But, no one will give you the oppurtunity because "you don't have
experience." well how am I supposed to get experience if you won't let
me? So frustrating.

Am I looking for another job? No. Do I want to be a manager for the
rest of my life? No. The perks of this job are pretty amazing, not
gonna lie. So, I'll stick around and hopefully prove to them I am
worth being a part if the organization. Maybe even get promoted. Don't
they know jerry and I have the same alma mater? That's gotta count for

I always tell the hubby, I'll probably get promoted or find the job Im
happy with, then get preggo, and Lord willing won't have to work.
That's all in Gods timing though.

Hope everyone is enjoying their 9 to 5, Whatever it may be!

Allison Davis
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