April 1, 2009

anniversary month!

Whoa! It's already April! Almost a year since me and my good man said
"I do.". This year went by so fast. Too fast! It sure has been a good
one. An what a way to end it, by becoming homeowners!

We have been working like crazy! We've finished the master bed and
bath. We are almost done with the kitchen. We got some help from my
dad and step mom. Much appreciated! We did have a minor setback
though. There is a tray ceiling in the kitchen and bill was on the
ladder painting it the other night, and realized the ceiling is green!
So now we have to paint the ceiling! Ugh!

The biggest news is that we are getting granite countertops in the
kitchen and bar! It's my/our anniversary present. It's going to be so

The next room will be the den and dining room. The guy before us rally
didn't have good taste in paint colors. That or he was color blind.
How unfortunate! Oh well, it's been a lot if fun for us. Not to
mention a relationship builder!

I'm still working in getting pics up. It's hard to find time in the
day to do anything right now. I'm off tomorrow and my plans include
and are not limited to... Getting Lil Red serviced, grocery store (bc
my husband pouts about not having anything to take for lunch) painting
the den and dining room, getting pics uploaded, and so on! At least my
car appointment is at 8am so that will get me up and at em!

I am a little in shock right now because a friend is having a baby
today and I know several others who are almost due as well! It's just
crazy! But I am so happy for them! Check out Rachels blog from my
page, Berry Merry!

That's it for now. Peace!

Allison Davis
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