April 30, 2009

ABC's of Me...

Not ready to go to bed yet, so here we go...

ABC's of you

A - Age: 23 (almost 24)

B - Bed size: Queen (could really use a king, we're tall peeps)

C - Chore you hate: laundry. it NEVER ends!

D - Dogs or cats: dogs. even though i have 3 cats at my moms

E - Essential start your day item: a shower

F - Favorite color: purple

G - Gold or Silver: silver

H - Height: 5'10"

I - Instruments you play: none

J - Job title: manager

K - Kids: none yet

L - Loud or quiet: quiet

M - Mom's name: Susan

N - Nicknames: Al, Allie, Albert, Doups, Allie Bear

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: none

P - Pet Peeve: people who say they don't like something when they have never tried it

Q - Quote from a movie: oh gosh...too many

R - Right or left handed: right

S - Siblings: 2 step sisters

T - Time you wake up: as late as I possibly can! usually around 7:30

U- Underwear: what does this question mean exactly?

V - Vegetable you dislike: peas, celery, carrotts

W - Ways you run late: not getting up on time...see "T"

X - X-rays you've had: ankle, knee, teeth

Y - Yummy food you make: tacos

Z - Zoo favorites- giraffes, pandas (if they have any), elephants

April 29, 2009

vacation: day 2

wish i could say i've done something super exciting and fabulous, but i really haven't. i have just been concentrating on getting all our earthly belongings out of our apartment, and moved over to the house. our lease is officially up tomorrow. i will miss our little apartment, or "hotel suite", as bill would call it. it was our first "home" as a couple, and it made a quite nice one to say the least. however, i love our new house, and i am very excited about making it our home!

okay...so lets talk about this swine flu thing. the first person in the US to die from the "pandemic" was in texas. for anyone geologically challenged, texas is THE border state to Mexico, or as they like to call it, "ground zero" of the disease. I'm watching the news as i type and they are telling me that whole school districts are closing down for up to 3 weeks as a precaution to this. i wasn't really that concerned about this, since it hasn't affected that many people yet. but now i'm getting a little worried. i mean, if these mexican people start coming to my state to get help or, just trying to sneak across the border to get away from it, then how am i safe? should i be wearing a mask? ugh...now i'm freaking out! where did i put my hand sanitizer?

so, when bill and i moved into our house, it came with a present. baby birds! the previous owner left a bird house in our back yard, and it has 2 baby birds in it. as much as i love mother nature, these things chirp ALL DAY LONG! its pretty amazing though, the mama comes and goes all day long bringing them food. so sweet. but, i'm ready for them to grow up already, so i can move the bird house a little farther from my window. until then, we stay inside, don't want to scare the mama away. my back yard is pretty much an aviary!

looking forward to vacay day 3!

Here's a pic from our anniversary!

April 27, 2009

3 hours till vaca...

Surprisingly this day has gone by pretty fast, considering in 3 hours
I'll be on vacation until Monday! This will be the longest I've been
away from my store since I started, and I've been here almost a year!
I don't think I'll miss it too much. I will mostly miss my daily
gossip sessions with Pam, she owns the Bath Junkie, next door. Quick
plug for Bath Junkie: LOVE that place! You make your own bath stuff,
and the best is the salt scrub. Bill even uses it (don't tell him I
told you!) they are all over so check it out if you've never been!
Anyways, super pumped about vaca. I'm getting my hair highlighted
tomorrow. First time I've done any progressional coloring since my
senior year in high school. Cross your fingers! Other than that, I'll
be unpacking, decorating, cleaning, grocery shopping, and maybe
tanning (I really need it).

On another note... I picked up this months issue of Cosmo this
morning. I don't normall read it, bc most of it is pretty trashy. But
I heard there was an article about Anne Pressly in it. The article is
about women who live alone, and the dangers they face. I didn't know
Anne really well, but enough to have a casual conversation if we ran
into each other. She used to live down the street from me and my mom,
and she would always tell me she idolized my mom bc of her position in
TV. She was a wonderful person, full of personality. I think anyone
that watched her on TV, or had the chance to meet her loved her. She's
in a better place, and we'll meet again another day. Just keep praying
for justice against the person who did this to her.

K, happy thoughts again! One of my best friends, Brittany Binns, got
engaged this weekend. Of course I felt like the worst friend ever bc I
didn't even know the guys name! We haven't talked in a while, but to
give me the benefit of the doubt, they have only been dating 4 months.
I am super happy for her, and can't wait for wedding festivities to

Allison Davis
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April 26, 2009

first night

bill and i are FINALLY spending the night in the new house! almost everything is moved over, just a few odds and ends to finish up. thanks to my mom, we got all the kitchen stuff moved over on Friday. that is the hardest part to me. since we didn't get a moving truck or uhaul, it was just a lot of trips back and forth. we didn't "pack" anything. we just trusted that it wouldn't break, and thankfully nothing did! pretty unbelievable. my dad and bill moved all the furniture over today. now, it is just getting things organized, and finding its spot. but thats the fun part right? its kinda strange being here, it doesn't feel like my house yet. i know i'll get used to it, but i just feel kinda funny!

well, thats it for now, i better get to bed. i have to work tomorrow, but its almost vacation time! :)

April 23, 2009

There are a couple things on my mind this morning...

First is, my mom got in town last night, and I could not be more
excited about spending time with her. Truth be told, I wish we could
go do girly stuff, like shopping, rather than moving dishes! Maybe we
will be speedy movers and have some time to do something fun!

Second, I realized a huge pet peeve of mine this morning while driving
to work. Yes, another driving story. Why must people SLAM on there
breaks when they see a cop. Ok so your speeding, all ya gotta do is
get it down to like 5 over the speed limit and your golden. But no!
They slam on their breaks and now I've gone from going 65 to 55 in .3
seconds. This is why there are so many wrecks! Ugh! Just drive normal
and then you won't have to worry about that state trooper.

I am really looking forward to next Tuesday. That is when my vacation
starts! I'm not going anywhere or have anything planned, just gonna
set up the house and relax. It's looking like rain all week though, so
kinds bummed about that. I need a tan, and would love to lay out!
Anyways, I'm super pumped about my vaca!

Last, they are giving away tickets for the beyonce concert here in
Dallas. I think she is adorable! I would secretly love to go to her
concert! "all the single ladies, all the single ladies... Now put your
hands up!" ask bill to do the dance for you!

Have a great day everyone!

Allison Davis
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April 20, 2009

happy 1 year!

Well, yesterday bill and I celebrated one year of marriage. I can't
believe how time has flown by! We have experienced so much in our
first year. We are so blessed to get to do all we have done, and for
all the support we get from our friends and family.

We traded a big night out, or a trip somewhere, to be able to fix up
our kitchen. While a fancy dinner and a night at the W is TOTALLY my
style, our first home will be where many memories are made, and I will
appreciate it so much more. So, we just relaxed yesterday. Actually
got to take a nap! Then we ate dinner at one of our favs, cantina

Bill gave me a small rose bush to pant at the house. My grandmother
would be so proud! I have carried a burden of not taking care of the
one she left me when she passed away. Then it got left in LR. She will
probably scold me when I get to heaven. I got a copy of my bridal
portriat framed for bill. That way when I'm old and grey, he will
remember how pretty I was when we got married! Ha!

So, the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming more clear. We
successfully installed our tile backsplash in our kitchen. Bill would
like to credit YouTube, and amy from the "glass tile, etc." video, to
helping him learn the proper installation of a glass tile backsplash.
Very informative, I do recommend it. However, upon completion of this
project, we have comepletely earased all knowledge of how to install
tile backsplashes from our memory. So, unfortunately we can't help you
install yours. :)

We will finally begin packing things to move this week I could not be
more excited. It is time to enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Allison Davis
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April 18, 2009

April 17, 2009

the baby has arrived...

...and by baby, i mean granite countertops! GOTCHA, didn't I?

Well, I have to say, they are B-E-A-U-tiful! Bill really did this all on his own. I couldn't go the day he went to the rock yard to pick out the granite. I was a little worried about this, because I wouldn't really call Bill, "Mr. Interior Decorator." But he pleasantly surprised me when the granite people showed up today to install. Its pretty perfect. Now the challenge is picking what color for the backsplash. Its so hard to coordinate colors on the wall, cabinets, and countertops. Then you have to make sure its not something crazy, so that you can actually sell your house later on. Shew! Its a lot of fun though, being able to customize your own home.

I am sooooo ready to actually LIVE in this house! I'm off this weekend, b/c its our anniversary! We will be able to give the ole house a thorough cleaning so that we can start moving. We will basically be gypsies for the next couple weeks. We aren't hiring a moving company, or renting a UHAUL, we're just gonna stuff it all in our car and make like 100 trips back and forth. Fun huh? Good thing its literally 1.2 miles from the apartment.

k, enough about the house for now. I want to just mention this one thing that happened today, and an all around general observation. People are crazy drivers in Dallas. Like, where the heck are you going that you have to be going THAT fast?! Then, whoa, look who's next to me at the next stoplight. Mr. Speedy Gonzalez himself! This brings me to what happened today. Bill and I were making our tri-weekly trip to Lowe's this evening and here in Dallas when you are driving on the "access" road you are supposed to yield to people coming off the interstate. Well you only have to live here about 2 days to learn, people don't really abide by this rule. One, there is just too much traffic to yield (especially during rush hour). And two, people drive tooooo fast! Its really every man for himself out there. You just have to be aggressive! Anyways...We were on the access road, and this dude in his sporty little 2 door convertible mercedes comes flying off the interstate. Horn is a blaring!!! Next thing I know, dude is stopped next to us with his window down freaking screaming at us. Bill and i literally were cracking up. This guy was sooo furious because apparently we didn't yield to him coming off the interstate. All sorts of 4 letter words are flying outta his mouth. He is stopping traffic just to yell at us. Let me remind you that it is around 6:30pm, peak traffic time in Big D. So, if anyone knows me, they know I can have a little road rage. I have gotten better, promise! So I start rolling down the window, Bill is thinking "Oh Lord, here we go." I yelled, but after the fact I wish I had thought of something more clever. This guys license plate read "King" and was more tan than a freaking Hawaiian tropic model. Ya know, one of those, I work out and tan so maybe chicks will dig me. Anyways, Bill and i had a good laugh. People just need to relax.

whoa, its 1:00am, I'm off to bed!

April 13, 2009

mondays make me miss...

Family: if you know me, you know I like to spend time around people I
love. Living 5 hours away from my family has brought a whole new
meaning to quality time. Our time is usually so short when we get to
see each other. It's never enough. They say it is good to live away
from family when you're newlyweds, and to a certain point I can
understand the logic behind it, but I also find it sort of difficult.
Especially with the in-laws. Yes, Bill and I dated for 5 years so I
got to know his family pretty well. But, I knew that once we got
married it would take that "knowing" to a whole new level. I happen to
love my in-laws and it has been hard being apart from them. This is
true with my family as well. I sometimes feel we are missing out on
the "growing as a family" aspect. I mean, every now and then you need
that, "we're poor little newlyweds, y'all want to take us out to
dinner?" oh, and don't even mention the pets. I miss Dolly, Angelica,
Winter, and TC too!

Friends: I talked to my BFF last night and it really made me miss her.
We've been playing phone tag for about a week. It just shouldn't be
that difficult to just catch up with your bestie! I just figured I
would get married, and do newlywed things with my newlywed friends. I
hate when a couple weeks go by and I think to myself, I haven't talked
to my friends! It's kinda one of my biggest fears, loosing my friends
because we are too busy to stay in touch. My friends are my life, they
made me a part of who I am. Why would I want to lose that? I miss
y'all, and you know who you are!

Little Rock: you might think, "how can she miss little rock, when she
lives in big ole Dallas?" well, little rock will always be home to me.
I lived there my whole life, it's what I know, it's comfortable. There
may not be a huge nightlife, the cowboys, or anything you ever wanted
or needed right at your fingertips. But, I was doing pretty good
without it too. I guess I miss it because every good and even bad
memory I have pretty much comes from there. I'm sort of a nostalgic
person, and I just get a little misty eyed when I think about all my
memories I made there.

Moral of the story in all this, is... Bill and I have grown way more
than I ever thought possible since moving here. My expectations of
marriage were totally shattered, bc things are WAY better than I ever
imagined. We are each others family, so we have learned to support
each other where the "absence" of extended family is. My dad and step
mom do live in Dallas, and it has been a blessing getting to spend
more time with them. Bill an I want to make solid friendships with
other Christian couples. People that will support us and encourage us
just as our friends in LR do. This takes time, so we are not
discouraged by it. I just have to keep reminding myself that God
brought us to Dallas for a reason. We can build our own family, and
make our own memories in this big city. We haven't even scratched the
surface of what dallas has to offer. We are only getting started.

I am definitely leaps and bounds from where I was a year ago, but
maybe if you think about it, say a little prayer that I would become
even more comfortable living in this huge place. It can make you feel
like you are a nobody in a sea of important people sometimes. Bill and
I are so thankful for everyones support! Love you, mean it!

Allison Davis
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April 12, 2009

happy easter

Happy Easter everyone!

Bill and I enjoyed our Easter by working at the house this morning. Bill has done a wonderful job in our kitchen. He is installing lights under the cabinets. After some painstaking moments, he finally got everything working this morning. They make the kitchen look beautiful! The granite people are coming tomorrow to measure for the counter tops. The lights will make the granite sparkle! Dad came over to check our progress and brought us some Starbucks. Yummy!

Early afternoon we headed over to my Dad's for Easter lunch. I really have to hand it to my step-mom. She is a great cook! We had all the fixin's, including deviled eggs made by yours truly. I have a cute little dish that I got as a wedding gift, just for Easter deviled eggs, so of course I had to use it. We all piled on the couch, fat and happy, to watch the end of the Masters. What a finish!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, and was reminded of the ultimate sacrifice made to give us Eternal Life!

April 8, 2009

my store

It's a sea of blue, white, and silver! And yes, that is a 3 foot
bobblehead of tony romo!

My 9 to 5

I am definitely not gonna start complaining about my job. Not in this
economy. I'm thankful to have a job!

But can you say BOREDOM!? This time of year stinks in retail, even
more so when your a Cowboys store. People aren't thinking cowboys
right now. It's so slow, I'm happy to make a $100 a day at this point.
I mean I obviously have time to write in my blog.

I like my job. It's fairly easy so I can't complain. However, retail
has it's drawbacks. Weekend and holidays are pretty much out of the
question. That bothers me, bc quality time with people I love is my
love language. Not being with family on holidays, and not spending
time with Bill on the weekends is hard.

The other thing is this... I went to school for four years to get a
degree. I would like to think I am pretty qualified to have a "better"
job. But, no one will give you the oppurtunity because "you don't have
experience." well how am I supposed to get experience if you won't let
me? So frustrating.

Am I looking for another job? No. Do I want to be a manager for the
rest of my life? No. The perks of this job are pretty amazing, not
gonna lie. So, I'll stick around and hopefully prove to them I am
worth being a part if the organization. Maybe even get promoted. Don't
they know jerry and I have the same alma mater? That's gotta count for

I always tell the hubby, I'll probably get promoted or find the job Im
happy with, then get preggo, and Lord willing won't have to work.
That's all in Gods timing though.

Hope everyone is enjoying their 9 to 5, Whatever it may be!

Allison Davis
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April 7, 2009

never made an A in grammar...

ok. so i was really never good at grammar in school, and probably not that great at it now. so no judging! i changed the title of our blog. ya know, make it a little more catchy. just rolls off the tongue better. i think this is the correct way to make Davis plural, but please correct me if i'm wrong. i would hate to embarrass myself on the world wide web! thanks!

April 6, 2009

Movin' right along

So y'all are probably getting tired of hearing the day to day details
of the progress we have made on the house. And let me just clarify
that by y'all I mean my family, because they are probably the only
ones who read my blog. :) But here it goes...

We made some serious headway yesterday. Bill spent all of Saturday
priming and getting the living room, or "library" as we like to call
it, ready for me to paint. I almost got all the walls done! Let me
just remind you, this is the room we avoided like the plague. Shewee!
Am I glad to be almost done with it! Now I just have to paint the
trim. Let me also remind you that trim is not my friend!

Bill kept himself busy by changing our outlets and light switches. You
seriously won't recognize the house when we are finished. As Bill
said, "it's starting to look like a model home!" I agree.

On another note... I am getting excited for Easter. It's one of my
favorite holidays. I love thy everyone is wearing their "Easter best"
complete with bright pastel colors. The weather is usually super nice.
Perfect for an afternoon egg hunt. One of my favorite pastimes. I used
to make my g-ma hide eggs in June! And of course, JC! He is risen!

Allison Davis
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April 4, 2009

Diamonds are a girls best friend

This week has seen a lot if progress. I was off on Thursday, and I
literally painted ALL day! I almost finished an entire room by myself.
Unpainted trim is no longer my friend! It takes forever. Luckily only
one more room has that issue. Too bad it's the biggest room in the
house. That room is like the big pink elephant. No one wants to talk
to it and we all avoid it like the plague.

My dad and step mom have a running bet that we won't finish that room
before we mob in. Well if that didn't light the fire under Bills butt!
We are determined to finish the whole backside of the house before we
move. The guest rooms can be finished later.

I'm one of those people that actually likes working in retail. I just
hate working on weekends and holidays. Minor issue. So instead of
working one the house I'm stuck in my store. I always get a little
nervous leaving Bill alone at the house. In the back of my mind I'm
thinking, "I hope he doesn't mess anything up.". Hmm, guess I just
gotta trust my good mans judgement.

Today is a happy day. It's my mother in-laws, sister in-laws, and
brother in-laws birthday! Wish I could be there to help celebrate. So
far I've heard that isabelle (bills little sister) got a diamond
bracelet from her boyfriend. Your thinking geeze louise what a nice
sweet gift. Yes, it is. BUT, he's already given her a diamond necklace
AND a diamond ring!!! I mean holy cow, this boy really likes to play
the diamond card. Isabelle loves it (which I don't blame her) bc she
is quite the princess.

Hope everyone had a great saturday!

Allison Davis
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April 2, 2009


April 1, 2009

anniversary month!

Whoa! It's already April! Almost a year since me and my good man said
"I do.". This year went by so fast. Too fast! It sure has been a good
one. An what a way to end it, by becoming homeowners!

We have been working like crazy! We've finished the master bed and
bath. We are almost done with the kitchen. We got some help from my
dad and step mom. Much appreciated! We did have a minor setback
though. There is a tray ceiling in the kitchen and bill was on the
ladder painting it the other night, and realized the ceiling is green!
So now we have to paint the ceiling! Ugh!

The biggest news is that we are getting granite countertops in the
kitchen and bar! It's my/our anniversary present. It's going to be so

The next room will be the den and dining room. The guy before us rally
didn't have good taste in paint colors. That or he was color blind.
How unfortunate! Oh well, it's been a lot if fun for us. Not to
mention a relationship builder!

I'm still working in getting pics up. It's hard to find time in the
day to do anything right now. I'm off tomorrow and my plans include
and are not limited to... Getting Lil Red serviced, grocery store (bc
my husband pouts about not having anything to take for lunch) painting
the den and dining room, getting pics uploaded, and so on! At least my
car appointment is at 8am so that will get me up and at em!

I am a little in shock right now because a friend is having a baby
today and I know several others who are almost due as well! It's just
crazy! But I am so happy for them! Check out Rachels blog from my
page, Berry Merry!

That's it for now. Peace!

Allison Davis
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