July 27, 2009

ken hamlin

ken and i at the GDRC Football Kickoff Rally

ok seriously

since my last couple of posts i've gotten lots of encouragment, simpathy, prayers, and i'm sure, crazy looks. so, i want to just say thank you! i also want to clerify that while, yes, i can be paranoid about things sometimes, i promise i'm not crazy! i just let my mind get carried away sometimes. so anyways, i'm very greatful for the people that love me and prayed for me because honestly, i have been feeling much better. plus, i was only halfway kidding when i said i needed therapy. :)

whats been going on? well not much, to tell the truth. i can't believe its almost august! this summer/offseason has flown by! i only have one more weekend to take off until football season starts. i'm sorta bummed about this, but i've kinda gotten used to it. that is, until i wake up on saturday mornings and REALLY don't want to go to work! i am ready for football season though. we went to the greater dallas razorback club football kickoff rally last week. this is the dallas chapter of the arkansas alumni association. they had stephen jones as a guest speaker, as well as the athletic director jeff long. really, the most exciting part was calling the hogs and meeting ken hamlin. ken played for arkansas, and now he plays for the cowboys.

other than that, we've just been (still) getting things fixed around the house. i don't know what it is, but i can decorate other peoples houses all day long, but when it comes to mine i get a mental block. the other downside is the fact that we need more accessories and just stuff in general, but i'm lacking in the funds department. i know getting your home together takes a while, but i wish i had more patience...

thats really it for now. love.

July 23, 2009

just my luck...

so you thought i was crazy after reading that last post, but now i can prove my paranoia! earlier today i came home from running errands and i noticed a police officer on my street in front of my house. well, actually it was my neighbors house. so of course i was curious. i parked out front to see if i couldn't figure something out, but i had no luck. i texed bill and told him, so we both were curious.

just a little background... our neighbors are the head of the homeowners association. so they take care of everything for the neighborhood, including crime prevention. bill has become friends with kevin (our neighbor) one, because he is really into guns, and two, because he is in banking and they have been helping each other out on a few things with work. so kevin called tonight and wanted to talk to bill about some things, so they talked out in the front yard this evening. i'm getting to my point, i promise!

while they were outside talking, monica, kevins wife, came out to talk. well, bill asked about the cop car. here is what you've been waiting for... the police contacted monica to let her know that our neighborhood has been hit with a crime spree. a couple cars of hispanic people are cruising our neighborhood on thursdays and fridays, because apprently that is when people leave their gates unlocked for the yard people. they wait until abour 9-10am and come thru the back gate and knock in the back glass, take all the jewelry they can find, throw it on the bed and wrap it up like santa's sack and out they go!

after the police contacted monica about what was happening in our neigborhood, she was sitting in her house by a window and saw one of the cars go by that the police had described. she immediately got in her car, broke a side mirror in the process back out, and followed the car. she called the cops and they came to her house, sure enough while they were talking about it, they called over the radio and said we have a break in on whatever street!

well this is just lovely. at least my yard people come on saturdays...

July 21, 2009


Flashback to circa 1991-1998. Yes, that's a long period of time. But
that, my friends, is how long I lived in fear of pretty much
everything. I an an only child. I didn't have a big brother to toughen
me up by insisting I play basketball with him, or throw the ball and
ride bikes after school everyday. I didn't have my brothers friends
playing pranks on me, or putting frogs in my room when I wasn't
looking. I also didn't have to fight over barbies with my sister. I'll
admit, I was spoiled and got pretty much what I wanted, within reason.

What does this all mean, you ask? I was scared of the dark. Like,
majorly! I always had a nightlight. I didn't go downstairs in our
house alone. This was one of the top 5 reasons my mother moved us into
a one story house. She was tired of having to go with me everwhere,
much less me following her around. I was scared of noises. I hear
everything! I jumped at any little noise I heard. "mom, what was
that?" I wore that phrase out. I'll never forget when Derek stafford
(a boy who went to my school) blew his arm off one Halloween with a
pipe bomb. I was one street away from where it happened. I have been
scared if halloween since.

I was a pretty inquisitive kid, and my parents are pretty
knowledgable, so whenever I asked questions, I usually got a pretty
good answer. I also have a really good memory, so when my father told
me scary stories or gave me an answer for why the helicopter had a
really bright spotlight shining in the woods at night, I remembered.
(they're looking for bad people, aka prisoners, in my mind).

So, you're probably wondering why I'm telling you I was a dorky kid
who was scared of life. This is sorta my last resort. A cry for help,
so to speak. Lately I have felt I am in 2nd grade again, and I'm
scared of my own shadow. It started when we moved into our house. I
insisted we get blinds on all the windows immediately because I am
afraid people are watching me. We got our alarm system set up and now
we have a dog. But, since then our alarm has randomly gone off in the
wee hours of the morning twice. I am paranoid! At every sound I mute
the tv, and my heart sorta skips a beat, and I listen for something
that was probably the wind. I don't like the dark so I bought timers
for my lamps. Our back ally is pitch black, so we installed lights on
every corner of the house. Its like a prison out there now. I am
scared to be by myself. It's so crazy!

I know I should not live with this much anxiety, and fear. I really
don't like the word fear, it's sorta strong. It's not like I'm scared
for my life, but I also start to think about Anne Presslys story.
Attacked in her own home, and killed. I know that's extreme, but it
goes through my head a lot. I think what gets me in trouble is my
mind. I hear one thing and my mind goes crazy. Scenarios start playing
in my head, and the next thing I know, I'm convinced someone is trying
to get me!

So, at this point you're thinking, "Allison, you need therapy.". Maybe
I do... But mostly I'm asking for prayer. I try to pray when I'm
scared and anxious, and it mostly calms me down. I just know that when
duck season arrives and bill is gone for days at a time, the thoughts
will probably return. I have to get past this, i don't want my kids to
think I'm a weenie! :)

Anyways, bill will probably think I crazy for writing this, but I
think I'm due for some gun training at the shooting range. I mean we
are in Texas and everyone carries a gun right? Never too late to be

Allison Davis
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July 20, 2009


some people blog about their child, so i will blog about my dog...

i thought everyone needed an update on my sweet lucy. she is getting so big. i can hardly pick her up anymore. she's somewhere in the 25-30 lb range. i can't get her to sit still long enough to weigh her. and like i said its hard to pick her up. she's definitley still a puppy! i look at her sometimes and think, "gosh, she's cute!"

we haven't taken her to obedience school yet, and she definitley needs it. the only thing she has really has down is sit and the fact that she's housebroken, thank the Lord! she really likes her crate, its like her little safety blanket. when she is scared or really sleepy, she just goes and finds rest there.

lately her favorite toy is her rope ball. i got it for her as a special treat for being so good while we were on vacation. so, its basically like i said a ball of rope. best invention ever! lucy can play fetch for days. literally. days! its like she figures out its fun for the first time everyday. "whoa! this game is the best! i can make them throw this ball around for hours. look at me mom!"

we discovered this place in dallas that is a self serve dog wash. its called Dirty Dawgz. why didn't i think of this? bill and i took her on sunday, and it was so much fun. they have like 6 tubs on the wall. like the kind they use at a groomer. you pay $15 and you get to shampoo, condition, blow dry, nails clipped, ears washed, combed, and doggy perfume! its so much easier than trying to do it in my bathtub. i'm not really sure that lucy was as excited as i was, but she left smelling and looking awfully pretty. wish i had some pics of the wash, it was very eventful.

well thats the update on my little one. here are some recent pics...

July 15, 2009


bill and i just got back from a weeklong vacation in destin, fl. we spent in destin, fl with bills mom, dad, and sister. it was a fun filled week of the beach, outlet mall, good food, and laughs. we are still trying to get readjusted to real life again. here are some pics from the trip...

isabelle and i at tommy bahamas

family photo

lynne and i at the back porch

me and the hubby

isabelle and bill boogie boarding

bill and al on the beach
it feels good to be home. i really missed my lucy dog! she is getting bigger everyday! i hope she doesn't get too big, i can hardly pick her up anymore. plus she is a giant wiggleworm! its also time to get back to doing some things around the house. we finally got blinds on the back windows, and a deadbolt lock! i feel so much better and safer.
its time to start gearing back up for football season. when july hit we started getting huge shipments again. i've already rearranged the store twice, and we get new stuff in just about everyday. its fun, but a lot of work. sometimes i'm not sure if i can handle another season, but other times the job is so rewarding. i'm just praying i can make it! :)
well thats really it right now. i'm kinda not in the blogging mood.... maybe this weekend will bring something interesting that i will want to share with the world! goodnight!

July 1, 2009


So, this past weekend was my birthday. I turned 24. I do love my
birthday, so I enjoy when people make it a big deal. I'm not sure why,
because I don't enjoy being the center of attention, and I don't even
like having everyones eyes on me when I open presents. I know there
are plenty of people that share my birthdate, but I guess in my own
little world it's just fun for that one day to be just about me.
Sometimes I like to drag the day into a week/ month. But anywho...

Saturday night bill took me out to this fancy restaurant downtown
called the old Warsaw. It was a very romantic place, which they pride
themselves for that title. Very ornate, waiters in tuxs, violinist,
pianist, roses given to the women. Very nice! So after a lovely meal,
we went home and changed, and went to see transformers. Good movie,
just a little too long. It was already late when we got there, and the
movie was probably 45 too long. Still a lot of fun though.

Sunday we slept in, and went over to my dads house. We swam and hung
out by the pool most of the day. A friend called and told me he had 2
tickets for a rangers game and offered them to us. So even though we
were tired we decided to go. The tickets were awesome! 16th row behind
home plate. They were also part of the cuervo club, so we could go
inside this club and order food an drinks. It was a good way to end
the day.

Bill got me a steamer for my present. Sounds funny, but I have been
wanting one for a long time. It's a nice one too. We tested it out a
little on Sunday, but I can't wait to really put it into action. I'll
be steaming everything I can before too long! I'm such a dork.

Well, the countdown to vacation has started. We are leaving in 3 days!
I am so excited. I can't believe it's already July! Where does the
time go? So I'm busy the next couple days getting everything ready,
but I'll put pics up and all the details of the trip when we get back!

Allison Davis
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