July 25, 2011

san antonio

Today is a big day... the NFL lockout ended! That is obviously a big deal for me. This means its time for the players to get back to work, and start training. It's time to head down to San Antonio for training camp. I'm leaving with some of my co-workers tomorrow for a week in the hot, hot Texas heat to help sell and distribute merchandise to our loyal fans. I got to go to training camp last year, but I only made it for the second half in Oxnard, CA. I've only heard stories about SA, and the stories sound like I'm in for a real good time.

In the midst of all the hard work, and long hours I assume we'll be working, I hope I get to explore a little bit of the city. Like, maybe catch dinner somewhere on the Riverwalk.

Or maybe do a little sightseeing, and take in some history at the Alamo.

But, I'm sure most of my time will be spent right here, at the Alamodome.

Either way, I'm super happy that the lockout has ended, and we can start TALKING FOOTBALL!

So, I'll be on a little bit of a hiatus while I'm in SA. If I can figure out how to blog from my phone, I'll keep you up to speed on my trip. Have a great week, yall!

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