July 12, 2011

tasty tuesday: tex-mex lasagna

Alright peeps, I'm going to try something new on here. Its nothing original, really. Lot's of people do the same thing on their blogs. I tried to be creative, but this will do for now. I really do admire people, like the Pioneer Woman, who blog step-by-step instructions to recipes. I always think, "I'm going to start doing that." Then I get halfway through making dinner, or whatever, and I've got dirty dishes everywhere, and its too late. So, don't expect that from me. I just want to share meals I've made, that me and the hubs have enjoyed. You can thank me later. :)

I'll start with what I made for dinner tonight. I've had this one in the recipe file for a couple months. I'm glad I made it tonight! Lasagna seems like a hearty meal for summer time, but this lasagna doesn't have any meat and very little tomato sauce, so it's not quite so heavy. Super easy to make, and pretty quick. The recipe calls for you to cook your lasagna noodles, but I used the no boil kind and it came out just fine. The hubs, who is a meat & 3 type of guy, didn't seem to miss the ground beef in his usual lasagna. Happy Mexitalian!

Recipe from Cooking Light

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