July 13, 2011

what i'm loving wednesdays

Another fun thing popping up on blogs lately is Wednesday loves. Basically how it works is, every Wednesday I let you in on what I'm loving that week. Easy peasy. (PS: not trying to copy other peoples blogs, but its just a fun idea, so I'm only doing it because I think you're awesome!)

So, here we go! What I'm loving this Wednesday is...

WATCHES: In particular, Fossil watches. It doesn't help that today at work we had a meeting with our Fossil reps, and got to see some fun, awesome new product for 4th quarter and next season. I've been looking at one particular watch for several months. I thought maybe I'd be lucky enough to get it for my birthday, but it looks like I'll have to save up my spending money for this one. This is the Fossil Riley Ceramic w/Rose Gold watch. I actually tried in on in the Fossil store several months back. I'm not really sure how I resisted the temptation to buy it right on the spot, I'm such an impulse buyer. I fell in love, been coveting ever since then.

Here is another fav. This is the Fossil woven leather watch. I spotted this one a couple weeks back when I was browsing their site at work. I was, uh, doing trend research, of course. :) Anyways, this one comes in this tan color, dark chocolate, a fun green color, classic white, and red. I love all the colors it comes in. So cute for summer, yet goes right into fall.

BIG BROTHER: I heart Big Brother! I remember watching one of the first seasons while visiting my dad and step mom. My step mom LOVES this show! I did not get truly hooked until 3 seasons ago. I know its a reality show, and full of trashy romance/bromances, drama, and craziness, but its so easy to get addicted. This season is already proving to be a good one! My favorites so far are Jeff and Jordan. Now, if you watch Big Brother you know they have been on the show before, and Jordan actually won. They brought several duos from seasons past back, and they are by far my favorite. I'm sure this won't be the last you hear about Big Brother on this blog.

LITTLE ROCK: I always love LR, but I'm really excited this week because I'm making a little visit this weekend! I'm leaving tomorrow after work. I'm not going for any particular reason really. I just wanted to make one long weekend before football season gets into high gear. I am planning on getting together with my mom's friend and decorator to get some advice on how to decorate one of the rooms in our house. Everyone that has seen this room knows its a tough one to figure out. I'm hoping she can give me some good advice. We're also going to search around for possible furniture ideas. On Saturday night, I have plans to hang out with my BFF, Lori and her husband Trevor. Her bro-in-law's band is playing at a popular bar in LR, and we're going to hang out. I'm so excited! Hopefully I'll get to eat at some of my favorite restaurants too!

That's it for this week. I'll be gone all weekend, so see ya next week!

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