September 30, 2009

seems that football is my life

it feel like all i blog about is football, but football is literally my life right now. i live my life one football game at a time. time goes by so quickly during season. the last 2 weeks have been go, go, go and i'm sorta thankful that October will be a little slower. we have 2 away games and a bye week. By then, we're almost halfway through the season, and gunning for the playoffs. anyways, i want to talk a little about the Monday Night Football game this week.

we finally got to do a little tailgating. tailgating at cowboys stadium is a little different than texas stadium. it seems a little more refined. i personally like the rowdiness (if thats a word) of texas stadium. but i'm sure once the luster wears off of cowboys stadium, it will be just as fun. this is kinda silly, but i have to talk about what i wore to the game. i was really excited because i just bought some new skinny jeans to wear boots with, so i wanted to wear my vintage cowboy boots that i got for V-day last year. so skinny's, boots, and my Peace, Love, & Dallas Cowboys tee shirt.

so, if you remember in a past blog post i wrote about the PINK line that Victoria Secret created for the DC. its so stinkin' cute! well they have come out with more over the past month, and it just keeps getting better. we get into the stadium and Lori, the manager at Galleria comes running up to me showing me what she just bought at the pro shop. what else? new PINK merchandise. i made a bee line to the store to get me one, no questions asked. what was i going for? none other than the shirt that says, "I only kiss Cowboy Fans!" its soooo cute! there were like 3 other ones i wanted, but had to show a little self control. i digress...

so after the purchase i head to the bathroom and change into my new shirt. duh! not 3 seconds after walking out this old man comes up to me and says, "I'm a big cowboys fan!" and give me a smack right on the cheek! LOL! i got some looks that night. no worries, i only kissed the hubs! :)

fun game. we won, so all around good night. go boys!

now lets talk some Hogs! we are now 2 days away from the big game. Southwest Classic! i went to wally world today to get all the supplies. this is going to be razorback tailgating at its finest! i also found out that LORI&TREVOR are coming. eek! i'm so excited although a little bummed because lori can't find anyone to work for her saturday morning, so they wont make it down until right before the game. oh well, still excited to see them. I'M SO EXCITED! this will be, believe it or not, my second game to actually be in attendance for, since i graduated. loooooong overdue. WOO PIG SOOIE!

ok, enough football talk for now. peace!

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