October 11, 2009

yeah yeah

hey all. sorry, i havn't felt like blogging much lately. just mostly stalking other peoples blogs. its what i do. anyways, i've been so busy, hard to find time to think these days. work has been crazy. got a ton of shipment and had to find a way to get it all on the sales floor. that was a challenge. didn't have a full day off last week due to inventory and the 50 boxes on top of the 30 boxes the day before.

so, let me fill you in on the best weekend ever. RAZORBACK FOOTBALL IN DALLAS TEXAS! we had tons of fun. the tailgate was a success. the only upset was that is rained. all. day. long. the family got there around 9 and fired up the grill and got set up. i came in around 1:30 and jordan (my cousin) and his friends showed up around 2. everyone was having a good time despite the rain, until my car wouldn't start. go figure. the game was awesome. the band, the fight songs, the cheers, SEC football, the victory. i was pretty much beside myself. woo pig!

so, had to get the car towed. that was interesting. but lori and trev were there, so i didn't really much mind standing in the dark, cold, rain for 2 hours waiting on a tow truck. sure was good to see them, even though it was short.

me and my cousin at the game.

my favorite people ever!

well, glad that this week is over. but wait, its sunday, and that means another week is upon us! bout to watch the cowboys beat the cheifs! go boys!

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