September 3, 2009

same job, new store

today was my first day at my new store. for those that may not have heard, i was asked to move to the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, TX. This is a wonderful opportunity for me. More inventory, more employees, more responsibility, and bigger expectations of me from the company. i am a little overwhelmed right now, mostly because i just don't deal well with change. i was pretty happy at Firewheel, but i am awfully happy and greatful that they though of me for this position.

i have to say, my last day at firewheel was pretty bittersweet. It was a big stepping stone in my life. The Cowboys had faith in my skills and offered me my first manager position, and it was a huge learning opportunity for me. I will mostly miss the fact that it was an outdoor mall, and at any moment i could step outside for some fresh air. it was awfully nice being able to see outdoors. it made if feel more like a "boutique" and not so much a mall. i will also miss my friend Pam, the owner of the Bath Junkie, next door. Pam was like a mom to me. We really connected and became good friends. I sure hope that we can stay in touch. I will also miss John, an employee who has been with me for a year. he was a good employee. trustworthy, responsible, knew his stuff. i hope that things work with him and the new manager of the store. anyways...

my first day at the new store really just consisted of organizing, straightening, and learning my way around. the store was really a mess, in my opinion. i was also left with a bunch of shipment to complete. that really frustrated me, but i will just have to put in some hours to get caught up. i really hope i can please the company, and go beyond there expectations of me in this store. i am excited, so i hope it all works out. be praying for me!

side note... college football is on tv right now!!! i am so ready for some Razorback Football this weekend! WOOO PIG SOOIE!!!

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