September 22, 2009

the boys are back in town

What a weekend! It was soooo busy at my store this weekend. You would have thought the Cowboys were going out of style the way people were buying up merchandise. Saturday was CRAZY! Totally different than Firewheel. There was not a point when there wasn't a person in the store. I got to work at 11:30am and didn't sit, stop moving, take a drink, eat a bite, until I got home at 9:45 pm. Whew! It was a long day. Then Sunday, another big day. People grabbing their last minute items before heading out to tailgate. Without disclosing how much we made, I'll just say I was one of the top stores for sales for the weekend. I got the honorable mention on our director of merchandising's email for sales Month to Date. Yeah! It really makes ya feel good, when you've worked really hard, and you've been nervous about all the change.

Now for the payoff... Cowboys home opener, inaugural game at Cowboys Stadium! Lots of pomp and circumstance. Record breaking crowds, revealing of the Ring of Honor and famous blue Star on the field, giant American flags, Jordin Sparks, a good game against a conference rival, macaroni and cheese bar in the cowboys club, $8 beers, loss of voice, yelling at someone on the escalator, & so on. All that was missing was the cherry on top, the victory. Bummer. 4 turnovers, with 3 of them being interceptions by Tony. Ugh! Big mistake. Life goes on, but it shure would have been nice to have a (W) for the inaugural game.

Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, & Michael Irvin before the Ring of Honor Ceremony

George & Laura Bush doing the coin toss before the game.

Cowboys vs. Giants

This explains it all. Tons of people. 30,000+ alone in the "Party Pass" area.

It was fun to be a part of this. Thanks again Jerry! Lets hope we have better luck against the Panthers on Monday night.

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