August 30, 2009

i heart PINK

its probably safe to say most girls/women ages, approximately age 13-30, own a piece of Victoria Secret's PINK collection. personally, i have been always been a fan. its definitely geared toward younger women, with its fun colors, and cute little pink dog logo. over the years they have expanded and created lines for collegiate teams, and now have branched out to MLB teams. but, let me tell you how excited i am about the new line of Dallas Cowboys PINK merchandise! this merchandise is exclusive to the pro shop insided the stadium and 10 DFW area VS locations.

so, saturday night dad and i made it into the main pro shop at the stadium. i found the PINK merchandise and, holy cow it is so stinkin' cute! there were a million people in the pro shop that night, literally could harly move around. plus, we don't get our discount on game days so i decided to wait on my purchase. buuuuuut, if you don't know me, i don't have that much patience so i made my way over the VS at Willow Bend mall this morning to see if they had it. SCORE! they do! i would have bought every single piece they had, which included 2 pairs of pants, a sweatshirt, tank top, 2 tee shirts, yoga pants and shorts, and a hoodie. if i didn't think bill would kill me, and i had that much money to blow on cowboys merchandise, i would have been the proud owner! i restrained...i came home with the hoodie and two tshirts.

so, this is probably all really silly to yall, but i can't get over how excited i am about it! :) they don't sell it on the website (yet at least) or i would put up some pics of it. for now here is the link to the article about it on the DCC website.

peace, love, and dallas cowboys yall!

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