September 13, 2009

is it too soon to say this?

so sometimes i have really strong opinions, and sometimes i like to share them. I am going to go ahead and appologize for anything i might say that offends anyone, but i am almost 100% positive that no one will dissagree with me on this...

Tonight, like many others, I watched the MTV VMA's. What does MTV think they are doing? Who do they think they are? What happened to MTV circa 1998 when they showed videos, and had somewhat PG shows? I know MTV is not geared towards family tv, or anyone under the age of 14, but for goodness sakes, I am 24 and things they show and talk about now make me uncomfortable! Number one of the night...Russel Brand. Who the heck is this guy anyways? He is not attractive in any shape, form, or fashion. He is quite possibly one of the most crude people on the planet.

Number 2... how long has MTV been around and how long have they been doing the VMA's? I would think long enough to get a live show right. The production was awful! If you can't get it right, maybe you should just tape it first, then show it. This could be a reason the ratings have fallen off the cliff the past few years.

Number 3...It never fails that some crazy person finds their way up on stage to ruin a performance. Security anyone? How do these people get up there anyways? Ugh.

Number 4...My final point about the night. Kanye West. Why, WHY, do they keep inviting this person back to award shows. Or any shows for that matter? He seems to ruin any perfect moment of the show. I can't remember exactly every thing that he has done, but I recall him ranting about how he should have won an award over others. I think one of the most memorable for all is when he said "George Bush doesn't care about black people," on a charity show for hurricane Katrina. It just keeps happening, and tonight it happened again! Not even 30 minutes into the show he ruined a wonderful moment for Taylor Swift. Here's a link to an article I found about the incident.

Kanye West Has Truly Lost It...

I can probably go out on a limb and go ahead and say I hate Kanye West. You are kinda right up on the shelf with Chris Brown. Loose the ego. You're mother would not be proud of you tonight.

Alright, so thats it. I am done for the night.

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