July 1, 2009


So, this past weekend was my birthday. I turned 24. I do love my
birthday, so I enjoy when people make it a big deal. I'm not sure why,
because I don't enjoy being the center of attention, and I don't even
like having everyones eyes on me when I open presents. I know there
are plenty of people that share my birthdate, but I guess in my own
little world it's just fun for that one day to be just about me.
Sometimes I like to drag the day into a week/ month. But anywho...

Saturday night bill took me out to this fancy restaurant downtown
called the old Warsaw. It was a very romantic place, which they pride
themselves for that title. Very ornate, waiters in tuxs, violinist,
pianist, roses given to the women. Very nice! So after a lovely meal,
we went home and changed, and went to see transformers. Good movie,
just a little too long. It was already late when we got there, and the
movie was probably 45 too long. Still a lot of fun though.

Sunday we slept in, and went over to my dads house. We swam and hung
out by the pool most of the day. A friend called and told me he had 2
tickets for a rangers game and offered them to us. So even though we
were tired we decided to go. The tickets were awesome! 16th row behind
home plate. They were also part of the cuervo club, so we could go
inside this club and order food an drinks. It was a good way to end
the day.

Bill got me a steamer for my present. Sounds funny, but I have been
wanting one for a long time. It's a nice one too. We tested it out a
little on Sunday, but I can't wait to really put it into action. I'll
be steaming everything I can before too long! I'm such a dork.

Well, the countdown to vacation has started. We are leaving in 3 days!
I am so excited. I can't believe it's already July! Where does the
time go? So I'm busy the next couple days getting everything ready,
but I'll put pics up and all the details of the trip when we get back!

Allison Davis
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