July 23, 2009

just my luck...

so you thought i was crazy after reading that last post, but now i can prove my paranoia! earlier today i came home from running errands and i noticed a police officer on my street in front of my house. well, actually it was my neighbors house. so of course i was curious. i parked out front to see if i couldn't figure something out, but i had no luck. i texed bill and told him, so we both were curious.

just a little background... our neighbors are the head of the homeowners association. so they take care of everything for the neighborhood, including crime prevention. bill has become friends with kevin (our neighbor) one, because he is really into guns, and two, because he is in banking and they have been helping each other out on a few things with work. so kevin called tonight and wanted to talk to bill about some things, so they talked out in the front yard this evening. i'm getting to my point, i promise!

while they were outside talking, monica, kevins wife, came out to talk. well, bill asked about the cop car. here is what you've been waiting for... the police contacted monica to let her know that our neighborhood has been hit with a crime spree. a couple cars of hispanic people are cruising our neighborhood on thursdays and fridays, because apprently that is when people leave their gates unlocked for the yard people. they wait until abour 9-10am and come thru the back gate and knock in the back glass, take all the jewelry they can find, throw it on the bed and wrap it up like santa's sack and out they go!

after the police contacted monica about what was happening in our neigborhood, she was sitting in her house by a window and saw one of the cars go by that the police had described. she immediately got in her car, broke a side mirror in the process back out, and followed the car. she called the cops and they came to her house, sure enough while they were talking about it, they called over the radio and said we have a break in on whatever street!

well this is just lovely. at least my yard people come on saturdays...

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