June 24, 2009

What's been going on

So, I really feel the need to update the blog, I just haven't felt
there was anything substancial enough to share. I guess I will just
fill you in on what's been going on the last couple weeks, and what we
have coming up.

I went to little rock to visit. I went by myself during the week,
because I felt like I hadn't been in awhile, and I knew I wouldn't be
making a trip anytime soon. I wanted to see mom and gather the rest of
my stuff now that I have a place to put it. We had a good time. I got
in late Sunday night, and stayed until Tuesday afternoon. We did a
little shopping, and went to this new restaurant called YaYas. It was
very tasty! She was a little busy with work, working with a new client
trying to find them a house. It was a good time, and I'm glad I made
the trip.

Work has been pretty normal for me. Just trying to make it through
summer. Its hard to make up my mind on how I feel about off season.
It's slow, and the time really can drag and be boring, but on the
other hand it's nice to have a break before season starts up. Fathers
day weekend was good, but It's too dang hot here, and no one wants to
shop at an outdoor mall!

Bill has been a busy bee at work. Lots of training, and going out on
cleaning jobs. He is out of the office a lot more inspecting buildings
and meeting with clients. They are still working out a big kink with a
bank issue. It's sorta confusing, but say a little prayer if you think
about it, because it's pretty big deal and it's causing a lot if
stress and frustration for bill and my dad.

Another small setback this past week. My mom fell down some stairs
while showing a house and busted her head open. She had to get staples
in her head and sat in the ER for a good part of the day getting x
rays and an MRI. She's got a lot of bumps and bruises and a chipped
elbow. She is fine, just real sore. For anyone who knows my mother,
you know stairs are not her best friend. We told her we are getting
her a helmet and a life alert necklace. Luckily she has a good sense
of humor!

Lucy update: she is getting so big! Well not that big, she's
definitely still a puppy, but not that little furball anymore. She's
so funny. She loves fetch, and she gets herself all worked up and just
runs in circles! It cracks me up! She isn't so scared of everything
now, and it's much easier to take her on walks. I love her, she is so

That's really all that's been going on. Now we are just gearing up for
our trip to destin. I'm soooo excited! We are going with bills parents
and sister. We will meet them down there on the 4th and stay until the
11th! I love the beach, and this will be bill and I's first real
vacation together, other than the honeymoon. Bill and his dad are
bringing their motorcycles and have some rides put together. They get
to do that while the girls lay at the beach and go shopping! I'm sure
I'll have tons of pictures to share.

My birthday is on Sunday. I love my birthday! :) I think were just
gonna have a day at the pool. Should be fun! I haven't been to the
pool yet this summer, it's calling my name.

That's it! Hopefully I didn't bore you too bad. Just didn't want to
neglect the blog any longer. Peace!

Allison Davis
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