July 27, 2009

ok seriously

since my last couple of posts i've gotten lots of encouragment, simpathy, prayers, and i'm sure, crazy looks. so, i want to just say thank you! i also want to clerify that while, yes, i can be paranoid about things sometimes, i promise i'm not crazy! i just let my mind get carried away sometimes. so anyways, i'm very greatful for the people that love me and prayed for me because honestly, i have been feeling much better. plus, i was only halfway kidding when i said i needed therapy. :)

whats been going on? well not much, to tell the truth. i can't believe its almost august! this summer/offseason has flown by! i only have one more weekend to take off until football season starts. i'm sorta bummed about this, but i've kinda gotten used to it. that is, until i wake up on saturday mornings and REALLY don't want to go to work! i am ready for football season though. we went to the greater dallas razorback club football kickoff rally last week. this is the dallas chapter of the arkansas alumni association. they had stephen jones as a guest speaker, as well as the athletic director jeff long. really, the most exciting part was calling the hogs and meeting ken hamlin. ken played for arkansas, and now he plays for the cowboys.

other than that, we've just been (still) getting things fixed around the house. i don't know what it is, but i can decorate other peoples houses all day long, but when it comes to mine i get a mental block. the other downside is the fact that we need more accessories and just stuff in general, but i'm lacking in the funds department. i know getting your home together takes a while, but i wish i had more patience...

thats really it for now. love.

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