July 15, 2009


bill and i just got back from a weeklong vacation in destin, fl. we spent in destin, fl with bills mom, dad, and sister. it was a fun filled week of the beach, outlet mall, good food, and laughs. we are still trying to get readjusted to real life again. here are some pics from the trip...

isabelle and i at tommy bahamas

family photo

lynne and i at the back porch

me and the hubby

isabelle and bill boogie boarding

bill and al on the beach
it feels good to be home. i really missed my lucy dog! she is getting bigger everyday! i hope she doesn't get too big, i can hardly pick her up anymore. plus she is a giant wiggleworm! its also time to get back to doing some things around the house. we finally got blinds on the back windows, and a deadbolt lock! i feel so much better and safer.
its time to start gearing back up for football season. when july hit we started getting huge shipments again. i've already rearranged the store twice, and we get new stuff in just about everyday. its fun, but a lot of work. sometimes i'm not sure if i can handle another season, but other times the job is so rewarding. i'm just praying i can make it! :)
well thats really it right now. i'm kinda not in the blogging mood.... maybe this weekend will bring something interesting that i will want to share with the world! goodnight!

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