July 20, 2009


some people blog about their child, so i will blog about my dog...

i thought everyone needed an update on my sweet lucy. she is getting so big. i can hardly pick her up anymore. she's somewhere in the 25-30 lb range. i can't get her to sit still long enough to weigh her. and like i said its hard to pick her up. she's definitley still a puppy! i look at her sometimes and think, "gosh, she's cute!"

we haven't taken her to obedience school yet, and she definitley needs it. the only thing she has really has down is sit and the fact that she's housebroken, thank the Lord! she really likes her crate, its like her little safety blanket. when she is scared or really sleepy, she just goes and finds rest there.

lately her favorite toy is her rope ball. i got it for her as a special treat for being so good while we were on vacation. so, its basically like i said a ball of rope. best invention ever! lucy can play fetch for days. literally. days! its like she figures out its fun for the first time everyday. "whoa! this game is the best! i can make them throw this ball around for hours. look at me mom!"

we discovered this place in dallas that is a self serve dog wash. its called Dirty Dawgz. why didn't i think of this? bill and i took her on sunday, and it was so much fun. they have like 6 tubs on the wall. like the kind they use at a groomer. you pay $15 and you get to shampoo, condition, blow dry, nails clipped, ears washed, combed, and doggy perfume! its so much easier than trying to do it in my bathtub. i'm not really sure that lucy was as excited as i was, but she left smelling and looking awfully pretty. wish i had some pics of the wash, it was very eventful.

well thats the update on my little one. here are some recent pics...

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