March 21, 2009

We're homeowners!

Yeah! We finally own the house. It is so exciting. I did have a little anxiety yesterday handing over that big check. But it's a done deal and I hold the keys to my very own house. Crazy!

I had a very good day yesterday. I got my hair cut. 3 inches came off! I love it. I also got Lil Red back! She looks perfect. You can't even tell I was hit by a deer. As much as I loved driving that HHR (sarcasm in voice) it feels good to have my car back. Then of course it was Fat Friday. This week it was at my dads and we had some tasty chicken spaghettin.

I'm in ultimate decorating mood now. I'm ready to start painting and fixing. Looks like we are going to start tomorrow.

I'll put pics up tonight. I had to get the classic stand in front of the sold sign pic!


  1. So exciting about your new house! We really need to get together sometime! And, where did you take your car to get it fixed? Your dealership? Someone backed into my car in a parking lot and didn't bother to leave a note - I guess deer don't leave their info either! Anyway, I can always take it to our dealer, but just wondered if you knew of a better place.

  2. i just found your blog and I LOVEEEEEEEEEE it!!!

  3. Mar- sorry i'm just now seeing your comment. we took it to Herb's Paint and Body. They did an awesome job, and real quickly! I definitely recommend them!