March 12, 2009

big on little rock

i am so excited because bill and i are making a trip to little rock tomorrow! dallas is an adventure everyday, and i enjoy learning all the new things about my new town. but little rock is home, its familiar, its comfortable.

i love visiting now, there is so much to do, so many people to see. its hard sometimes because you want to do so much and you have so little time to do it. you have to cram it all in! the amount of things i want to do in the rock could take weeks to accomplish.

the list includes, but not limited to...
-seeing my family
-seeing bills family
-seeing my friends
-going to all my favorite restaraunts (Buffalo Grill, US Pizza, El Porton, Dixie Cafe, and so on)
-make a trip to the Cowboy (duh!)
-go to the mall
-go to the farm
-the list goes on...

so anyways, i'm packed and ready to go. little rock, here i come!

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