March 17, 2009


I am so frustrated at the moment. I dropped my car off this morning at the repair shop. They have an enterprise rental car place inside. I was thinking, well this will be easy. Yeah right! Apartently since it's spring break, they are out of cars. Alright.... What now? We can get one from another location. Great! So an Asian man with broken English drives me home, and I catch a ride to work from my step mom.

To make a long story short, after talking with 4 enterprise dealerships I still have no car! How can al north Dallas enterprise locations be OUT of cars? WTF? Sorry, I just find it hard to believe. I mean, this is Dallas,TX USA! C'mon! So the last dude I talked with guaranteed me he would have a car in the AM. If I get my butt out of bed early and get there to find no car I might loose it.

So, I started thinking that I might sound snobby. But 5 seconds later I realized NO, I just need transportation. I work 30 minutes from where I lay my head at night. I run crutial errands for my family, like food and dry cleaning. Duh! I'll probably end up with a purple PT cruiser with flames down the side. Lovely...

On top of all that, I'm missing American idol country night. Dang deer!

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