March 11, 2009

dear mr. sun,

rain and cold weather are my least favorite combination. i was just starting to really enjoy the longer, sunny, and warm days, then BAM! Hit me in the face with rain and 40 degree weather! rainy days make my day at work seem to drag. working at an outdoor mall, that doesn't have a covered walkway, doesn't make for the most pleasant shopping experience. i sold $19.99 worth of merchandise today... that does not get me a promotion very quickly. at least my store is nice and straight!

so just when i thought my inventory days were behind me for this year, i went and forgot i volunteered to help my friend adam at his store. so far, inventory has been quick and easy, but adams store is a different story! Grapevine Mills Outlet Mall = large store, and highest amount of inventory. should be a fun night!

ok, this post is going all over, but i am sitting here watching Extra and i feel like i have to say this. NO ONE CARES ABOUT OCTO-MOM! i am so sick of hearing about her. i could say so many things that are wrong about the fact she is getting so much attention, but i'll spare you my opinion.

k bye!

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