March 8, 2009


man, am i glad this weekend is O-V-E-R! I've been working the whole time! that is my least favorite part about having a job in retail, i hate working on the weekends. i feel like i am missing out on quality time with my bill, and family. not to mention just having some downtime for myself. quality time is definitely my love language! i usually don't work on sundays, but we had inventory this weekend for our store. its been postponed for 3 weeks now, so it feels good to finally have that burden off my shoulders. now i'm just nervous about how our numbers turned out. hopefully it wont be too bad.

anyways... the one good part about the weekend was Friday night. we have started a new tradition called Fat Friday! every friday night we get together with my dad and step mom for dinner. the catch is, we get in our comfy "fat" clothes and try to not make a big fuss about dinner, just something easy. we take turns having it at our own houses. this week it was at our apartment, and i made tacos. they were pretty amazing, i have to say! after dinner we played the newlywed game. now that was interesting! i wouldn't recommend playing that with your own father, but if you want a good laugh, then go a head.

i'm so looking forward to this weekend, because bill and i are making a trip to little rock! i'm so ready!!!

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