September 21, 2011

what i'm loving wednesdays

I am loving Fall TV shows starting back up! It's almost a little overwhelming. There are so many new shows I want to try out, then there are the shows that I've been watching for the past 10 seasons. Let me fill you in on some of my favs...

The Rachel Zoe Project. Who doesn't love RZ? I die. This season she is without her trust sidekick Brad, but she is preggers and still full of personality. She has a new clothing line coming out, and I basically want it all. Too bad it's all WAY out of my price range. Ba.Na.Nas.

Another fav is Modern Family. This show is seriously hilarious. This is one show that the husband and I actually enjoy watching together. I typically have to DVR all my shows and watch them after he goes to bed. When Modern Family is on, I know that is something we both enjoy.

Some other favorite fall shows are, Desperate Housewives. I started watching this when it first started, and rumor has it that this is the last season. This show has had its ups and downs, I think ending it this season is probably needed. Some of the plot lines have gotten a little strange, but I do still love all the characters. Another fav is, Grey's Anatomy. I've been watching this one since it began too. I have a feeling it could be coming to an end as well. I just can't help but love the drama week to week.

There are several new shows I've wanted to catch this season. All of them comedy's. First is 2 Broke Girls. This premiered on Monday, but I missed it. I've heard nothing but good reviews on this one. Also, The New Girl. I did actually watch this one. It was just ok. I am going to give it another episode to make up my mind if I want to continue watching. The acting was just sub-par. And finally, Up All Night. I missed the first episode of this one too, but caught the second episode tonight. It was pretty funny. I like these 30 minute sitcoms.

Now all we need is some fall temps outside to go with the fall shows! Happy Wednesday!

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