September 19, 2011

emmy style - top 5

Confession: I didn't even watch the Emmy's this year. I just can't get into awards shows. However, I do try to pay attention to the fashion. Here are my top 5 looks from the 2011 Emmy Awards...

5)Katie Holmes- She isn't her usual polished self, and I sorta like that. She caught a lot of grief for the fact that she wasn't very glammed up, almost dressed down, but the simplicity of the look makes me like it even more. I love the color, and the simple belt to go along with it.

4)Lea Michele- There was A LOT of red on the carpet this year. I mostly liked the back to her dress. I would have liked this dress even more if it had a longer train. Then again, it might have been too much with the big shoulders, low back, and train. Either way, it was a lovely dress.

3)Cat Deeley- Gotta love the glitter. I definitely would have worn my hair in a different way. Glam it up girl!

2)Evan Rachel Wood- This dress reminds me of my mother's original Barbie Doll, and the fancy evening gown it game with. It looked perfect on her.

1)Nina Dobrev- And, my favorite of the night. This beautiful red gown with amazing structural details. I wish I had somewhere to wear this!

Happy Monday!

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