September 20, 2011

tasty tuesday: so much to share

I've been real behind on my Tasty Tuesday posts, so I have several things to share with y'all. Lets jump right in!

First up is Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken. I've really been trying to utilize the crock pot a little more lately. The crock pot is one of the best inventions ever. I would hug the neck of the person who came up with it. I'm convinced it was a really smart woman. I digress. So, this is one of the best crock pot recipes I've ever made. Super simple, and you can cook it on high for about 5 hours and it's all done. I used Mexican rice instead of white rice. It came out more like a gumbo, but it was super delish. I topped it off with a dollop of sour cream and some shredded cheese. YUM!

Up next is Chicken Roll Ups. Again, a super easy recipe to throw together. I can see this being a big hit when I have kiddos running around wanting dinner ASAP. But until then, the husband approved it and that is all that matters. I used the jumbo crescent rolls, instead of the small ones. That means you get to add more of the yummy goodness into the inside. This is a picture of my chicken roll ups, but here is the link to the recipe.

Ok, finally I made these amazing Asian Chicken Lettuce Cups. Who doesn't love Pei Wei lettuce wraps? Well, these are pretty darn close. Did I mention healthy? When I got finished making these, my initial thought was, "Bill is soooo not gonna enjoy this!" Well, I was wrong. He went back for seconds. WHOA! Next time I'm going to make some brown rice to go along with it to complete the meal. PS: the recipe calls for turkey, but I used ground chicken.

So y'all know they say the way to a man's heart is thru his stomach? Well, these are all hubby approved recipes, so I highly recommend them. Have yall been watching Pioneer Woman's new show on Food Network? This post makes me think of one of her latest episodes, "Lad Approved Meals." Sometimes its hard to please the husband with your cooking, and for the most part I've been lucky, but when he goes back for seconds you know it's a success. My heart always flutters a little when he asks for more. A wife's job well done. :)

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