August 29, 2011

feeling crafty: fall wreath

So, I told yall in a previous post about my love for Pinterest. There are a lot of dreams when it comes to Pinterest finds. You see a house you love, you pin it. You see a place you want to travel to, you pin it. You see a yummy recipe, you pin it. But, when it comes down to it, have you made that beautiful looking pie, have you re-purposed the flea market coffee table, or bought the pretty ring you found? Well, maybe... but for most of us, its all just a collection of dreams.

Hold the phone, because I actually got crafty this weekend! I think crafty people are cool. I envy their patience to stain a piece of furniture, or paint a canvas. I found this wreath while searching through Pinterest and thought it was really pretty. This person made this wreath, gave all the direction on how to make it, and even included how thrifty it was to make it herself rather than purchase a pre-made one. So, I thought I would give it a try. Here is the wreath I found on this crafty person's blog:

Pretty right? Screams fall, and by far the cuter than the ones I've seen in stores. So, off I went to Michael's to get my materials. I spent entirely too much time in that place. But, I wanted to make sure I got everything I needed and that it would all match up. Once I got home, I tackled my craft project, and it was super fun, super easy, and super fast. It turned out really cute, and I was sorta proud of myself when I stood back to check out my work.

Here's the disappointing part of this post... I'm not going to post my final product just yet. I actually made 2 of these wreaths and one is a gift for someone and I don't want to spoil it. Plus, its not quite fall yet, and I can't put it out on my door. When its gets to be fall (which in Dallas, it could take until October) I will post a DIY fall wreath instruction blog. Then, you will see my fun wreath. Until then, you should try and make your own. This may be my new thing. Wreaths for ALL holidays, seasons, and whatever else I can think to make a wreath for.

Happy Monday!

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