August 14, 2011

football is back

Hey ya'll! As you know Cowboys had their 1st pre-season game this week. Boy, was it good to be watching football again! I was so ready. The game was Thursday night, and one of my co-workers was not using his tickets, so I invited my dad and step-mom to join us. We got to the stadium with food on our minds. Our seats are on the club level at Cowboys Stadium, and they always have "special" food in addition to the normal concessions. This week they were serving up BBQ brisket! Who can pass on brisket nachos, right? This was the only picture I took at the game...

Brisket nachos, bbq sauce, cheese, jalapenos. It doesn't get much better than that!

The Cowboys won, and it was actually an exciting pre-season game.

On Friday night I went out with the girls. We had dinner and margs at Gloria's then headed over to Blackfinn to do some dancing. It was a fun girls night out! Saturday I ran some errands and we had my dad and step-mom over for dinner. After dinner we had our "planning committee" meeting for the annual Pig and Gig tailgate for the Arkansas vs. Texas A&M game. Sunday, we cleaned up the house and Bill wasn't feeling well, so we just hung out watching tv. It was a good relaxing weekend.

I haven't given yall an update on my child, aka, my dog in a long time. So here she is in one of her favorite spots. Lying on the floor behind the couch. She usually puts her head underneath the couch like she is hiding. She's a mess, but I love her!

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