June 29, 2011

open-faced blackened catfish sandwich

I've been holding out on making this recipe, thinking it was going to be difficult. The picture made it look so gourmet. I finally attempted to make it tonight, and it was fabulous! Not to mention, super easy. The spices it calls for, you probably already have in your kitchen, so all you need is the catfish and stuff to make the slaw. It also calls for sourdough bread, but you could use any bread. Personally I think it might be good on a darker bread, like pumpernickel or something like that. Anyways, these open-faced blackened catfish sandwiches are delish.

I actually was out of paprika. I know, how do you run out of paprika? It's a kitchen staple! So, I substituted with ground chipotle pepper. It made it a little spicier than it probably typically is. I also got to use my Le Creuset cast-iron skillet!

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