October 14, 2009

in addition to...

so, i thought of a couple more things that i could add to my Christmas list. This list is really mostly a reminder to myself of things I could ask for for Christmas or birthday. Because, most of the time when people ask me I can't ever think of anything, when really there are things that I would enjoy. So here it goes...

Anthropologie is another one of my favorite stores for several reasons. If you are wanting something different, maybe a little eclectic, this is your store. You know when you purchase something there, not everyone in North Texas will be wearing it. They have the cutest things for your home. You can get the best gifts there. One of the biggest reasons I love Anthropologie is there window displays and visual merchandising. It would be so fun to work there! Anyways, there things are a little pricey, so you definiately can't go in come out with a new fall wardrobe. But I could spend hours in there just looking at it all.

Funny story and side note. When Bill asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told him several things, one of which was a gift card to Anthro. Well, Bill being Bill, and just a man in general, didn't know where to find the Anthro store. I even gave him specific instructions, because he isn't very sneeky when it comes to buying gifts. Well, I never got the GC and he just gave me cash to go buy whatever I wanted there. Ha! Boys...

Alright, so I've been waiting for us to get settled in a home before I went and purchased one of these. My mom has one, that my step sister got for her, and I love them. Its a personalized return address stamp. I like the ones that are round and have either one initial or monogram in the middle with the address circling around the outside. Lots of websites have them and I've seen them at stationary or invitation stores.

k. thats it for now.

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  1. Oh Anthropologie...I was just in there today! If only I could afford to buy everything in there, then I would be set! Thankfully, that is one store that Corby likes! If you knew him, that would be shocking to you! :) He likes all the books they have, so it works well for us! I hope you get all of these things for Christmas! I'm very impressed with your list... I can never come up with anything until after Christmas!