October 18, 2009

happy fall

Well, tomorrow Bill and I will celebrate a year and a half of marital bliss. We have never been the couple that celebrates every month anniversary, but I do like to acknowledge half anniversaries. So instead of spending lots of money going out for a fancy dinner and a movie, or the like, we decided to explore this wonderful town of ours, and took a trip to the Dallas Arboretum. It was a beautiful day. Before this week, we had only one day of sun the whole month of October, so it was nice to get out and enjoy this beautiful fall weather.

Lots of others had the same idea as us today, it was pretty packed. Lots of people taking professional pictures and such. It kinda distorted its beauty, but all in all, we had a wonderful time together. Next time, I want to go on a weekday and bring a picnic lunch, and just sit and enjoy my surroundings. I'll keep that on my list of things to do when I'm not super busy...

Well, here are some pics we took today of our fun, fall outing.

Happy Fall, Yall!

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