May 31, 2009

a piece of history

well, this has been an interesting week. it doesn't feel like monday was memorial day. this week has been a creeper, even with all the different things i had to do to fill it up. lets start with inventory. tuesday night we had our second inventory of the year. this was actually a re-do of the last inventory we did in february. apparently the last one didn't work, so we did it again. geez! so technically this was my 5th time to do it, b/c i helped 3 other stores do theres the first go around. that calls for a raise or something, right? lets hope it worked this time...

wednesday was really the icing on the cake of the week. i got do something that doesn't happen everday. i was invited to the Cowboys Years of Service Luncheon and ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Cowboys Stadium. Lunch was amazing! it was held on the second level plaza of the new stadium, looking over the field. all the important people were there. ya know, jerry, steven, charlotte, wade, and so on. They recognized people who have been with the company 5-30 years. lots of appreciation for them. they also recognized Rich Behm, the man who was paralyzed in the practice facility collapse. He was there. everyone stood and applauded him, it was super touching. i admit, i shed a tear! then after the lunch was over, we all went outside to the main plaza and they had the ribbon cutting ceremony. lots of former players, including, micheal irvin, rayfield wright, mel renfro, bob lilly, jay novachek, and so on. the "ribbon cutting" was more of a lever they pulled that set off a fireworks display and the largest sliding glass doors in the country opened up! then we all went inside the stadium for a reception. it was super cool. here is a link to the ceremony, skip to the last few minutes where they pull the lever, its the coolest part!

Dallas Cowboys Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Fat Friday was fun this week. We grilled hot dogs at my dads. You know me, i love a hot dog! So, i was happy. Then we went and played putt putt. probably one of my favorite things to do, right behind bowling. i won! this was kinda shocking, because i didn't really think i did that well, minus the hole in one on the 18th. it was fun to rub that in bills face, since he's the golfer of the family. hehe!

Bill is about to be super busy at work. They said goodbye to one of their operations people this week. she is on active duty in the army, and she was called to be deployed. she leaves in a week for training, then she goes to afganistan. she will be gone for a year. at the moment it doesn't look like they will be hiring another person, so bill will be taking over all her accounts, doing initial cleans, and teaching training every other week. he is so dedicated, and very driven so i know he will be just fine. just a little more stress than usual. please pray for him and his work, i know he would appreciate it. also, say a little prayer for Nancy (the one who is being deployed) that she has a safe and succesful trip. God bless her for her service!

we are being pretty lazy today. we gave lucy a bath, washed cars, made a trip to The Dump (an off price furniture store here), went to kroger (yes bill went with me!), and now we're watching the Colonial. 3 way play off!

Here are some pics from the ribbon cutting...

opening the doors to the stadium

me, drew pearson, and mary

new cowboys stadium

jerry speaking at the years of service luncheon

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