May 20, 2009

BFFs in Big D

So, this past weekend my best friends came to Dallas to visit. It only
took them a year and a wedding to get them all down here! We had an
amazing time together. Friday night we went to a restaurant in the
Knox-Henderson area called The Porch. Amazing!!! The mac and cheese
was to die for. Then we went to a bar in Addison and hung out for a
while. It was so good just catching up. We have all lived in seperate
cities for about a year and it's been hard to all get together at
once. Bill says that when were together we are all about 100 decibles
louder than usual. Probably true since I lost my voice that night.

Since we haven't seen each other in so long, we didn't go to bed until
5am! So we just lounged around and ordered pizza on Saturday. Then we
drove two hours to re Leitzke ranch for Aaron and Christines wedding.
It was so beautiful. The rain held off and it was unusually cool for
Texas in may. It was good to see a lot of other people that we haven't
seen in a while. Aaron was my senior prom date in high school, so it
was kinda funny to see him get married. They are such an adorable
couple. He definitely found the right girl for him to let him wear
camo in his wedding! Not to mention she wore camo manolo blahniks!
Love it!

I hated saying goodbye on Sunday. My friends are such a huge part of
my life, and it's so weird to only see them several times a year. We
all agreed that even though we have new friends and will make new
friends, we are each others "forever friends." aww how sweet! Anyways,
I love them and they better not wait another year to come see me!

So, I have another amazing weekend coming up. Lori (MOH/BFF) and
Trevor decided Monday they are coming to Dallas. They will get here
Saturday evening and stay until Monday. I am super excited! I hope it
doesn't rain so we can have a cookout on Sunday.

American idol finale is tonight. Go Kris Allen!!!! I soooo do not like
Adam glambert! Screaming is not singing, just FYI. I unfortunately
have to work late again. I had to fire someone today at work. I hate
doing that! But this was necessary. Sleeping on the job is definitely
not acceptable here. Oh well.

I'll post pics of the fantabulous weekend later.

Allison Davis
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