May 25, 2009

memorial day weekend

so a week ago today, my best friend on the this earth, Lori Lee, emailed me and told me her and her hubby, who just happens to be bills best friend were thinking of coming to visit over memorial day weekend. que excitement!!!! everything worked out perfectly. they drove down saturday afternoon, i got off work around 2:00. we went to a restaurant called sambuca. wonderful food! plus they had a live jazz band. all around good time. saturday lori and i had the perfect girl day. we went to all my favorite places! whataburger for breakfast (of course), ikea, home goods, target, dsw! ahh, it was perfect. the boys went and played golf while we were on our girly outing. for some reason they decided it would be fun to WALK 18 holes of golf. i don't know about yall, but i thought the whole reason you played golf was so you could drive the golf CART! right? needless to say, they were pooped! good thing we were planning on just cooking out and relaxing at the house. i made corn on the cob, baked beans, burgers, potato salad, and strawberry pie. not to brag or anything, but i think i am really good at making burgers. its so easy too! ground chuck, paula deens house seasoning (S&P, garlic salt) and worchteshire sauce. perfect burger right there! ok, if you've never had strawberry pie... you have not lived. its my all time favorite thing ever. my g-ma made it, my mom made it, now i make it. its super easy too. i'll put the recipe up later. its the perfect summer dessert. or if your like my mother and i, we eat it for breakfast too! anyways, today we got up and went to the sears outlet, aka scratch and dent. its the perfect place though. you can get basically new appliances that have "cosmetic damage" for nothing, and there's really nothing wrong with them. we've already purchased our cooktop from there, and plan on updating the rest of our appliances in the near future. lori&trev wanted to go b/c they just purchased a home as well. after that we grabbed some lunch, and they hit the road.

i hate sayin goodbye to friends. especially lor&trev. this weekend was so much fun. and several times i forgot we lived in different states, it felt so natural for us to be together. when bill and i got engaged, i was so excited about doing newlywed things with them. i've talked about this before in the blog, so i wont go into it much. but, it soooo hard to make new friends here! especially when you have great friends like L&T! anyways, i love them so much, and as bill says, i got my friend cup filled back up the last 2 weeks. it was so nice having friends come visit.

okay week ahead. had to close tonight, and have inventory (again) tomorrow. wednesday i'm off, have to go to the eye doctor. not because anything is wrong, or that i'm having trouble seeing. i have actually NEVER been to the eye doctor, or had my eyes checked. figured it might be time. then that afternoon i'm going to the Cowboys Years of Service luncheon at the new stadium, followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony. should be fun, lots of media, past and present players. i'm crossing my fingers that jason witten will be there! :) i can't believe may is almost over! my bday MONTH is almost here! woo hoo!

P.S. i took NO pics this weekend. horrible, i know! bummer...

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