May 11, 2009

I'm a pretty big deal

Not to brag or anything, but for the last 2 weeks my store has been
number one and number 2 for percent increases, based on last years
sales. Ok, so I'm only up by $300-$400, but for a company that has 30+
stores all over Texas, in malls like Grapevine Mills and the Galleria,
off season, and nasty weather for an outside mall, I'd sat I'm doing
pretty darn good. I don't get any special prizes or anything, so just
thought I'd do a little bragging, and pat myself on the back. Thanks
in advance for the congratulatory responses. :)

Something else to raise a glass to, tomorrow is bills one year
anniversary at Jan-Pro DFW. It's also his birthday! He has adjusted so
well with this job. Going from working outside in all sorts of
weather, and being on his own schedule, to wearing suits and managing
a while division of a company. That's quite an achievement. I'm so
proud of him and all his hard work.

Ok, one more thing that I can hardly control my excitement for. I am
on day 4 of working 7 days straight so that I can be off Friday-
Sunday. Why? Because my 3 best friends in the whole wide world are
coming to visit! This is there first trip to see me in Big D, and I am
beside myself. I've been planning there visit for like 3 months. Just
need Friday to hurry and get here!

One last thing. Just wanted to say a happy mothers day to all the
moms. Especially my mom, mother in law, and step mom! I know a lot of
new moms and moms to be, so I hope your 1st moms day was fantastic!

Allison Davis
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  1. sounds like an exciting week! Can't wait for Friday!!!!!