May 3, 2009

i love lucy

wow! what an eventful past couple of days. my in laws got in town friday afternoon with a HUGE, i'll repeat HUGE, uhaul truck. Our house actually looks kinda full now. i just need some more accessories, but no rush. i'm just glad to have furniture! so, for the past couple weeks bill and i have been seriously talking about getting a dog. we wanted to rescue a dog, and we had talked about a basset hound, and daschunds (weenie dogs). but i had found a sweet little dog named ava on the adoptions website, and we decided we wanted to go look at it. so we called and they were having adoption day at PetSmart, but by the time i got to talk to anyone little ava had been adopted. we decided to go anyway and look at the other dogs. well, little Freckles, Avas brother, was there as well. Love at first sight! Decision made in about 10 minutes, and an hour later we're out the door with a puppy, crate, food, and toys in tow.

She's an Australian Shepard Labrador mix. They are also called "Shepradors" or "Aussiedors." We call her Lucy. She could not be any sweeter. She was the runt of the litter, but who doesn't love the runt? We brought her home, and she slept all afternoon. It was storming all day, and she never cried or got scared. She is already good about letting us know when she needs to potty. When we put her in her crate last night, she cried for about 2 minutes and never heard a peep until 6am! I mean can we say perfect? I'm just waiting for this phase to end, and I wake up one day and my sweet little puppy dog is bouncing all over, chewing on my shoes, and scratching at the door. Keep your fingers crossed. She's a little shy and timid right now. We took her on a couple little walks today, and she gets nervous around the cars. But she is super curious and we encourage her a lot. I think we'll make good parents! :)

Since the puppy came home, I haven't gotten much decorating done. I'm too consumed with her! But, hopefully I will get things in order, and get some pictures hung before my friends come in a couple weeks. Side note: I'M REALLY EXCITED MY FRIENDS ARE COMING!!! I have to go back to work tomorrow...UUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not excited! I had too much fun being the housewife this week, and actually getting to hang out with Bill and my family. One day, one day, I just keep reminding myself.

K, here are some pics of the pup. Enjoy!

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  1. What a VERY cute dog!!! She looks very sweet and I bet she will be perfect consistently!!!
    I am excited for your new home! You have GREAT taste, so please post pictures soon of the finished product! Tell Bill Hello!