May 12, 2009

food for thought

As I was doing my daily routine of checking my facebook today, I ran
across a friends status that was about a friend of hers getting laid
off today. Several people had commented on it, and one in particular I
found quite thought provoking. It read,"Working for Christ: recession
proof, great benefits, duties tailored to your skillset, contiuing
education, an awesome retirement plan, and He always has openings."

What a great reminder in these "tough economic times." I don't think
there is anyone who doesn't know someone who has been laid off,
struggling to pay bills or a mortgage, or who is just cutting back to
save up. God says He will not put us in any situation we can not
handle. There is a time and a season for everything, and what a great
reminder or word of encouragement that quote can be.

It is sometimes hard to see past the day to day routine of get up,
work, come home, cook, clean, bed, get up and do it again. But if we
just take the time to remember we aren't really doing this for
ourselves, we work to please Him. I myself am often guilty of this. So
today I am praying that whenever I start complaining about my job, or
am not always happy with it, that God provided this job for me. He
gave me the skills and ability to do my work, and has provided me with
an income and benifits to provide for my family. I do feel for all the
people who have had to experience job loss, forclosure, or anything
else. I pray nothing but the best for them.

On another note, I think this would also be a good time to pray for
our country. Our economic status, our relationships with other
countries, pandemics, natural disasters, whatever it may be. We are so
lucky to live here, and that God has given us a free country to live
in. The power of prayer is amazing!

Ok, that's my soap box today. Today is the hubbys birthday! He's 26!!!
He's not too happy today though. He had to go out and clean a building
last night and didn't get home until 2am. If you know bill, that is
WAY past his bedtime. I think he might be grumpy today. Hopefully the
cake I made last night will cheer him up. Butter pecan with
buttercream icing! Yum!

Allison Davis
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